Congress Wants to Add $216 Million for New Vehicle Research

Electric_charging_station While most of the news coming out of Congress this month will center around the raucous health care debate, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider a bill that would boost research spending on new vehicle technologies by $216 million.

Introduced by Rep. Gary Peters (D-Michigan), the bill calls for $550 million to be spent by the Department of Energy on vehicle research for 2010, rather than the $334 million requested by the Obama administration. Peters and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) made the announcement yesterday in Troy, Mich.

The proposal comes with strong backing from the automakers and the United Auto Workers. It passed out of committee in July without any objection, but is it a slice of pork from Peters or will it serve a purpose beyond what the Obama administration envisioned when it allocated the initial funds? Or is it a drop in the bucket when addressing a radical future of electric cars with little-to-no infrastructure support?

Bill Would Add $216M to New Vehicle Research (Detroit Free Press)


Amuro Ray

When will this end? Though I support the green, electrical initiative, this is (the $$$ spent) is just too much. Corps are just using taxpayer's $ to pay for R&D, instead of using their own. So where will the corp $$$ go to?
(1) Shareholder's pocket;
(2) CEO & Exec's salary.
We are again paying for the benefits of private companies, without any ROI, and just flat out wrong in the 1st place. I can't imagine what my income tax payment will be like in a year...


pork, pork, pork

Gene Tyce

When you have bought and paid for a govt in
it's entirety you can waive your retirement obligations, let the taxpayer pay for your
R&D costs so you have even larger bonuses available for those few greedy bastards at the top of the food chain.

Those with the Gold make the rules!

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