Chrysler Returns to Leasing for 2010 Models

2010sebring After a hiatus that covered the 2009 model year, Chrysler will return to leasing for all 2010 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. New 2009 vehicles still on dealer lots will get 0% financing for 72 months.

GMAC Financial is offering both the leasing and financing deals for Chrysler. The company discontinued the leasing program last summer when sky-high gas prices forced a shift in the car market and permanently injured the company, which eventually had to file for bankruptcy.

Chrysler’s lease deals go into effect Thursday.  

By David Thomas | September 16, 2009 | Comments (8)



Too bad they don't have anything to lease.

With the residual values on these things after three years, your payment might end up higher than a good loan. On the upside, you get to give the busted Chrysler back. On the downside, you had to drive a Chrysler.

* *

Dave Wuss

GM vehicles dominate the worst resale value list. The % listed next to the vehicle represents the residual value after just three years.

1. Cadillac DTS 23%
2. Chevrolet TrailBlazer 24%
3. Chevrolet Colorado 25%
4. Ford Ranger 25%
5. Dodge Durango 25%
6. GMC Canyon 26%
7. Mazda B2300 27%
8. GMC Yukon 27%
9. Chevrolet Suburban 1500 27%
10. Ford Econoline 27%

Original sheth


thanks for the link showing those figures. Trucks have lost resale value since gas spiked in 2007 and 2008. GM dominates the truck sales charts and offers many models so it would make sense they would lead a list in vehicles with low resale value. Not that we have any proof those numbers are legit. Then again, you aren't known for backing up anything so......


Thanks for the good news, DW. I now know that my '98 Mazda B4000 is worth about $50.00

Benz does have a better look to it then the BMW. It depends on what is more important to you. The looks or leasing/maintenance program. I know BMW has a good edge on Benz when it comes to leasing programs.

If Toyota is offering to fix the vehicle there really is nothing you can say or do about it. Now on down the road if these vehicles keep having the exact same problem and Toyota just can not solve it you might have a beef against them, but your fight would be against Toyota itself, not some dealership which sold you the vehicle.

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