Survey: Majority Want More Cash for Clunkers

C4CIn an online survey conducted for, 55% of recent car buyers and current car shoppers said they would like to see the federal government’s Cash for Clunkers program extended. Of the respondents, 42% said they thought the program was successful, even though only 10% of those surveyed had actually taken advantage of the program.   

Of those who took advantage of Cash for Clunkers, 37% said they were shopping for used cars and changed their mind to buy new due to the government incentive; 30% said they weren’t considering a purchase of any kind, but the program was too good to pass up. Another 24% said they were going to purchase a new car but waited for the program to go into effect.

The survey was conducted online in September with a random sample of 1,056 people who had either bought a new or used car in the past three months or were planning to buy one in the next six months.

By David Thomas | September 18, 2009 | Comments (8)



Majority Want More Cash for Clunkers???

Then this people don't want to live in America. I mean, America, as we know it...

From the beginning, this program was a failure. Of course, not in the eyes of the people who got $4,500. BTW, some states and local government are looking into taxing it - I am laughing. People are greedy. What do we get out of CFC? More taxes to pay, for one. Polluted air for two. I don't believe that during the lifetime of all those cars sold under the program, we get any savings on clean air polluted by the process of manufacturing of this car. Third, the sales are going down now as majority of the people who got a new car under the program would buy one anyway. May be a little later. Fourth thing, the only people who really benefited from it is the auto industry, not the general population. Here we're talking of redistributing some serious wealth. Basically, create environment in which one party benefits of.


You jugheads needed to do a survey to figure this out????


Who wouldn't want someone to pay part of their new car?
No brainer to me.


They never made the plan for truly the majorite of Americans to take advantage of. Most Americans have cars that were rated to high new but I bet don't make near the rated gas milleage when used up. Besides most of us even with the incentitive can not afford a new car right now.


It is nice to hear positive feed back about the CARS program.


The problem is that there are a lot of unsafe cars on the roads that couldn't qualify for the program because they got good gas mileage, like the old Civics (specially the ones with mods), Escorts, Mitsus, and the owner should deserve a chance in a similar program because they made the right decision when they bought them.

Of course someone who took advantage of the program or would if it was extended is going to say bring it back. If you were to survey auto repair shops, auto parts stores, used car dealers, car donation charities, taxpayers or the poor, you would get a different result.


This is a wonderful article. The things given are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.


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