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The Scion xB has recently seen the introduction of competition in a segment that didn’t even exist a few years ago. The 2010 Kia Soul and the 2009 Nissan Cube get stacked against the 2009 Scion, and reviewers Bill Jackson, Kelsey Mays and Joe Wiesenfelder have the task of sorting out the winner. From blind spots to seating comfort, the guys go down the list to find the best econobox on the market.

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recently rented a Soul & have 2 say it was a nice ride, never been in the others but the Soul+ has alot of nice features & drove on the interstate & it was pretty sweet.

E is for Element

I really enjoy these comparisons being done. But each time this segment is done, I really wonder why the Honda Element isn't being tested as well. Yes, I know it is bigger than the others, but wasn't this one of the first "Box" vehicles(larger box shape vehicle for utility, riding on a car platform). To me I would think if you are in the market for one of these 3 unique vehicles, then you have probably thought about the Element as well. If these are not its competitors, then who are? Because the CR-V takes the spot with competing with vehicles like the RAV-4, Equinox, Escape, Rogue, Tiguan, Forester.....
Thanks for your time and testing! Look forward to any comments on this subject.


The Element is 500-750lbs heavier.

E is for Element

Yes, again I did say the Element is larger in size. Meaning a heavier curb weight. That I do not deny. Here are the actual stats for those who are interested. (Straight from the Manufacturer)
Base Loaded
Honda Element 3515 lbs 3648 lbs
Scion xB 3020 lbs 3086 lbs
Nissan Cube 2762 lbs 2864 lbs
Kia Soul 2560 lbs 2820 lbs


The Element is probably left off because it's about $3-4,000 more in price. It was a good seller for Honda until the xB arrived. It sold on average about 60,000 a year during it's first 3 years. Now that we have these 3 $16k boxes the element has only been able to sell 11,000 this year.

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