Buick Lineup to Include Three Sedans, Two Crossovers by 2012

Buicklacrosse As we reported earlier, GM deep-sixed a new crossover model just weeks after announcing it would join the Buick lineup. We asked Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick-GMC, what that leaves for Buick. She said the five-seater — which was never named — failed in the eyes of media and Buick owners because of execution, not concept. “I do think we need a vehicle that size," she said, "but it can’t be a rebadged Saturn Vue.”

Docherty said Buick plans to build a “baby Enclave,” which will have five seats but is different than the mothballed Vue clone. Her crystal ball says Buick's lineup circa 2011 will include, at minimum the following three sedans and two crossovers.

  • LaCrosse sedan: A redesigned 2010 model that's available now and will become the flagship car. (The current full-size Lucerne will be phased out midway through 2011.)
  • New midsize sedan: It's scheduled for the second quarter of 2010 and will likely be called the Regal. The trades say it will be based on the Insignia — a model sold by GM's Opel and Vauxhall brands that won a 2009 car of the year award from a panel of 59 journalists in 23 European countries.
  • Compact sedan: It's scheduled for late 2011.
  • Enclave: A current seven- or eight-seat crossover that will remain unchanged through 2011.
  • “Baby Enclave”: A five-seater that's expected in late 2011.

"I'm not saying we can't bring other things into the portfolio," Docherty said, "but in terms of the transformation taking place at this brand, I think this is an awfully good start." One of four remaining GM brands, Buick takes the premium space between Chevrolet and Cadillac, with Acura and Lexus as stated target competitors. "We need to hit every entry out of the park," she said. "It needs to be world-class. That [Vue-based crossover] wasn't perceived as being world-class, so we made the decision to take it out."


Dave Wuss

Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick-GMC:
"...the five-seater — which was never named — failed in the eyes of media and Buick owners because of execution, not concept."

In other words the public has wised up to GM's rebadging ways and want no part of it. I don't know what's worse, GM still doing the rebadging thing, or the fact they had just one vehicle on the C4C list and it was a pick-up truck.


Even the elderly deserve a selection. Not all of them can afford Cadillacs.

Original sheth

The Regal will be the Insignia with slight sheetmetal changes. Its on sale in China already. That car will be built in NA with the same styling.

"I don't know what's worse, GM still doing the rebadging thing, or the fact they had just one vehicle on the C4C list and it was a pick-up truck."

what are you talking about? What list? You make no sense.


Buick without a full sized car? Bad idea, i think.


DW - don't get sucked in. He wants to argue with you about who's list is valid - the governments vs Edmunds and the others out there.


i think keeping Opel's "Insignia" name would have been better!

Original sheth

Well since its called Regal in china it probably will be here as well. Most Americans arent familiar with Insignia. The real question is what engines will be available. In China there is a 2L turbo but I doubt that will come here.

It'll be interesting to see what type of compact Buick GM can churn out.


Coming from a family of Buick owner's (my dad's first car was a 1939 Buick) and being a Buick fan myself (currently own a 2002 Buick Regal and a 1965 Buick Skylark 4 door sedan), I don't think I like the idea of the new LaCrosse becoming the new flag ship, a.k.a. the full-sized car. I thought that Buick was going to come out with a new, full-size car to replace the Lucerne that was larger than the Lucerne. Buick needs a real, BIG car (Park Avenue/LaSabre anyone?) in its line up.

I can't say that I disliked the small Vue/Buick SUV as I thought it translated well...I would have just hoped that the fit, polish, ride, engine choices, etc would have been worthy of the Buick name...

I'm looking forward to driving and possibly replacing my 2002 Regal with a 2011 or 2012 Regal and, depending upon what happens with the "baby Enclave" might end up with one of those too...nice replacement for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee...


Buick and a compact sedan?
hm...that should sound interesting to see how GM can pull that off.


Buick needs a real full sized sedan if it wants to be competitive with other upscale brands. sure, the LaCrosse is a big bigger than the Malibu on which it shares a platform, but still. Buick needs something that is Hyundai Genesis or 2010 Ford Taurus big.


"Even the elderly deserve a selection. Not all of them can afford Cadillacs."

As far as I know the new brand for senior citizens is Toyota.

Original sheth


The Lacrosse is about as large as the Taurus inside. It just has a much smaller trunk. I think interior volume of the Genesis and Lacrosse is close as well.


well the Canadians aren't familiar with "LaCrosse" but they will be as that's what this will be called in Canada..it wuz "Allure"...also see a pic of a possible "Buick Astra/Skylark/whatever they call it".. on my flickr stream!!

Derrick G

I have to say, after seeing the new LaCrosse in person at the hotel I stayed at in Atlanta last night, I'm disappointed. The hood is just stupid. It's way too high. A Tacoma was parked a few spaces from the one I saw and the Toyota's hood looked about the same height as the Buick's. Overall the car is so high that it looks as tall as an AMC (Concord) Eagle. The overall look was of something that had been customized for "accessibility" issues for its elderly owner. Worse, even compared with the Lexus ES that was parked beside it this morning, the windows are just silly short. Is Buick trying to chase off older drivers by making cars they can't see out of? The pictures looked so promising, but in person, this car sure didn't cut it for me.


there are so many OLD dates out here you don't know if Buick has scratched the baby Buick Enclave or post poned it.. I wish I knew if you were going to put a Buick Crossover 5 passenger on the line or not.


“Baby Enclave”: A five-seater that's expected in late 2011. Is this statement true, or you going to change your mind again. . Sure would like some straight talk, are we going to have a 5 seater Buick equal to the Enclave in everyway just shorter or not.


Well I hear the baby Buick Enclave 5 passenger Buick SUV Crossover is back on. I am so glad to hear that. I was about to give up on Buick after I saw your last posting that you were going to cancel the 5 passenger Buick SUV Crossover 2 weeks after you published it was back on. Boasted about canceling in 5 days rather than taking months. I am so anxious to know the specifics as the width of the new SUV and the ground clearance.


Here is hoping that the new Buick SUV "Encore" will have the quality of "Buick" not scrunched in width like all the other 5 passenger SUV Crossovers. Make Buick stand out from all the rest of the 5 passenger, make people say "now that is a Buick".

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