Buick LaCrosse Pays Visit to Cars.com in New Commercial

We couldn’t help but notice that some of the streets look awfully familiar in the commercial for the new 2010 Buick LaCrosse.

That’s because they filmed it at the intersection of LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard in Chicago. This intersection is known as “the scene from ‘The Dark Knight’ where Batman flips the Joker’s big rig” or its otherwise known as “right outside our office building.”

There’s even a parting shot of the El running around the Loop, and for those of you who have no idea what that means, you should pay a visit to Chicago.

This isn’t the first time we’ve found ourselves being stalked. Lincoln tried to sneak a camouflaged MKX right by us on the other side of the building only to get caught for a few spy pics.

In our office, we found this commercial to be preposterous. We have to get test cars in and out of a nearby garage all the time, and that LaCrosse should have been sitting in traffic for at least 30 minutes. The scene of the pedestrians walking in the middle of the street, however, is spot on.

By Stephen Markley | September 24, 2009 | Comments (10)
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Original sheth

I think Buick loves chicago. Look at their website. Isn't that chicago at night in the background?

Mike K

I've noticed that most of the car ads I see are on the street where I work on S Grand Ave in Los Angeles. They're usually filmed early on a Sunday morning though so there's no traffic.


They should have added, "It's not the new Hyundai" LOL

Original sheth

I think they are associating it with higher end cars. Since it costs more than most Hyundais and they wouldn't be looking to target Hyundai buyers I think it makes sense not to mention Hyundai. Besides, no one would mistake it for a Hyundai.

Wow, that was fast. They filmed this commercial about 2 weeks ago. I was walking to my office and noticed 2 big rig race car haulers parked next to my building (N. Wacker and Washington). Parked in between them were 2 new Lacrosses.

+1 on pedestrians walking in the middle of the street.

Jake P

Many commercials for Buick, as well as reviews are done in Downtown Los Angeles. The background on the Buick website is Downtown Los Angeles at night, and is clearly distinguishable by the U.S. Bank Tower hovering over the city scape. I live here, and I've seen commercials and website work for Buick in progress.


I am so impressed by this, and the cars Buick has made, the Enclave and the new Lacrosse are truly amazing vehicles. If people would just let go of the "Oh ew it's a Buick." This car would be everywhere. Good job Buick.


The good news is that GM hasn't forgotten that Lexus is the benchmark. The bad news is GM hasn't a clue that they are the Chicago Cubs of the automotive world.


Scene in the Buick advertising department: "...and we have to film it outside the kicking tires offices...we really need that star power behind us...it could revitalize our sales."


So fitting that they filmed the Chicago spot in the heart of the financial district on LaSalle (aka - heart of the financial collapse).

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