Bentley Destroyed in Cash for Clunkers Program


A 1997 Bentley Continental R — a car that when new sold for $250,000 — was destroyed in the Cash for Clunkers program, according to data gathered by the federal government and discovered by the Detroit Free Press. Keep in mind that the Bentley’s owner only got a $4,500 credit at best.

This trade-in, obviously, makes absolutely no sense. According to the program’s rules, the vehicle had to be drivable, which means the Bentley was probably worth a lot more than $4,500. As Howard Krimko, a former chairman of a luxury car club, told the blog Wheels, “The seats for the car would be worth more than that.”

What’s even more mystifying is that dealers had the option of buying the car outright. Why wouldn’t they just take the car? The report listed no details on the condition of the car or where it was turned in, so curious parties will be maddened until someone steps forward and identifies the party responsible. Could this trade-in be illegitimate or even made up?

A few other vehicles of note that owners scrapped through the program include a 1997 Aston Martin DB7 Volante (that sold for $135,000 when new) and a 1987 Buick GNX (one of 547 ever built).

Exotic Clunkers Also Got the Crunch Under Program (Detroit Free Press)



I'll believe that when I see the name of either the dealer that took it in or the junk yard that picked it up. Pictures wouldn't hurt either.
Until then I'll just assume it's yet another made up rumor trying to discredit the program.

Hearing about that Grand National hurts though.


Please please post if you find out the dealer that took the GNX. I can't believe the person who traded it in, all the employees at the dealer and all the employees at the scrap yard could be that stupid.

We need to find this dealer and picket them out of business!

If the owner could get more than $4500 why would he have not done so? The story seems too bizarre to be true.


45 hundred for a bently sounds about right. There were nearly a thousand saabs that were turned in - 45 hundred is way more than any Saab is worth. There were also mercedes, audis and other overpriced german junk that were mercifully put out of their misery, thanks to the generosity of the american taxpayer.


Doesn't matter how much that Bentley is worth, its probably going to be too unreliable either way. Still whether this is true or not, there are some idiots out there.

Dave Wuss

The GNX turned out to be a regular Regal with an after market blackout kit. This was exposed on Bloomberg radio about two weeks ago.

"Hi, yeah, I'd like to trade in my precious Bentley for that Accent over there."

I can't even begin to think what that man was thinking.


Hmmm, They wouldn't take my junky Chevy Lumina, but took a Bentley. If thats true, F*** the government!


Thank you Dave Wuss. I was really wondering about the GNX trade-in.

The person would have gotten a tax deduction of more than $4500 if he had donated car to charity. The Bentley would have been sold to someone who would appreciate it and the charity would have gotten some much needed cash.


This cash for clunkers was about as flawed as typical of anything the government does.Why any dummy would take only $4500 for something worth far more speaks volumes about why the world thinks America is full of stupid,wasteful consumers who value nothing,and beg for money when they wastefully spend all of theirs.
These cars should have all been parted out,not scrapped.Sell off each and every part so another one could survive.Heck,Obama could have made some money back if he did things right.

Brian Greenberg

I travel a lot in the international theater (Europe, Asia-Pac, Australia, South America), and while I don't doubt that foreigners see you as stupid and wasteful they certainly don't view the majority of Americans as such. Americans are viewed as being charitable, hard working, and intelligent. You may not be seen this way but don't go and disparage your fellow Americans just because you fall short.


Before we all rush to conclusions, we need to take into account what kind of Bentley this was, and what kind of condition it was in. Its quite possible that it was terribly decrepit and its owner did not want to spend any more money into an old car without a guarantee it would be bought by a collector (especially in this economy). The dealer got to offload a car, and the owner got a rebate on a product he was probably going to get anyway, and anybody screaming about how the government needs to remember that this economy still is market based and that nobody forced this transaction, despite the fact it was facilitated by the government to help the automakers and more importantly, the dealerships.


I heard some dealers say that people wouldn't accept the higher trade in value, they wanted the cash for clunkers deal. Given our educational system, I suspect they thought they were doing the right thing.

I call BS. Read the linked story and it says a 2008 Scion was traded in under the program. The EPA rating for the Scion xB is 24. Makes you wonder what other information is incorrect.


since when did everyone become so quick to believe everything they read on the internet or hear on tv without taking a minute or two to actually think about it?


Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa was in the trunk and it was an easy way to get rid of the evidence.

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