2011 Hyundai Sonata's Radical New Look


Today, Hyundai released two sketches of the next-generation Sonata midsize sedan. Orders are already being taken in Korea ahead of its official launch there on Sept. 10; the Sonata won’t hit the U.S. until 2010 as a 2011 model.

We expect to learn and see a lot more of the Sonata next week, but we do know that the Korean version will have a six-speed automatic transmission and 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The current Sonata has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with a five-speed automatic transmission returning 22/32 mpg city/highway. This new engine looks to be more efficient. Electronic stability control will be standard across the line.

Other features and options include a panoramic sunroof, steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles and a push-button ignition.

The fastback look in these images seems a wild departure for the typically sedate Hyundai. One more image is below.


By David Thomas | September 1, 2009 | Comments (16)



I like it quite a bit.

Agreed, looks very slick.


seen many spy shots online...not quite as radical as these sketches!


With such radical looks and improved quality no doubt Hyundai's sales will greatly improve and this will be the upcoming car company for the next decade, maybe even surpassing Toyota and Honda.


there r some pix of a KDM actual car on autoblog.com A bit radical, Americans don't like 2 radical i.e. 1996-99 Taurus, 2001-05 Aztek, etc...Front end kind of reminds me of a Solara!


There's a fine line between radical and ugly. The taurus and aztec were just ugly. I like what they've done to the Tucson and I think most buyers will too.


woahh...complete redo of the Sonata from today. The tailights remind me of the Genesis Coupe. I'm pretty sure that the real-life Sonata won't be EXACTLY as radical as shown in the sketches, but it'll be completely different from today's Sonanta, no doubt. I must say Hyundai's really turning themselves around. It's Japanese and certain German rivals have to become aware, i.e. the 2010 Hyundai Equus, priced above the Genesis and may rival Mercedes E-class and BMW 5-series as an example.


see pix of the KDM Sonata on my flickr page!! From the side it reminds me of Sebring/VW CC!!

Too bad this won't actually resemble 98% of the Sonata.

Like those impossible 26" wheels, for instance.


Hmm; looks nice but I am sure the REAL one will be toned down quite a bit- like the Tucson. Anyone wanna make bets on what it will look like? A Camry? Accord? Fusion? We know Hyundai won't design something 100% on their own LOL

As a FORMER Hyundai owner, and yes I do say former, this is only lipstick on a pig. Designed to look expensive, but underneath it is still cheap junk. Run away, and do not look back - this company has underperforming, unreliable cars, and pathetic dealers who only look for excuses why not to cover your repair under their EXTENSIVE warranty. The cars are junk and literally fall apart after 5 years - and most all repairs are not covered under the EXTENSIVE warranty. Look closely to find the truth - it is all hype. My only hope is that GM and Ford get their act together before these posers steal away any more undeserved business in the US. BUYER BEWARE.


Obviously Jared had a lemon or had n early model. I purchased my 1st Hyundai with skepticism. However I was pleasantly surprised! My first purchase was an Elantra GT,I now own a Santa Fe. I have had this car for over 5 years and have had only minor problems that were quickly addressed by the dealership. My family now owns 4 Hyundais ( 2 Accents, 1 Santa Fe and an Azera . Hyundai has come a long way and seems to be getting better all the time. The one thing they could improve on is fuel economy

roger j

jgantt is quite right. I purchased a used 2005 Sonata and it is possibly the best car I've owned and I've owned a few. I haven't had a bit of trouble and at 71000 mi I've replaced a AC condenser. That's the only real expense I've had other than tires and the 60,000 mi maintenance schedule. Jared had a lemon and could have turned it into lemonade had he invoked the lemon laws that are on the books.


Sorry Jared but either you got a Lemon or sell some other make because i've owned 4 Hyundais and each has been GREAT. I put 176,000 miles on my 1st (Accent), 141,000 on my 2nd which I totalled and walked away from, my wife has 72,000 on her Sonata and I have 83,564 miles on my 2002 Santa Fe. NO PROBLEMS with Warranty work and both Dealers I have worked with have been just fine. I've looked at THOUSANDS OF CARS as I sold them for 6 years and I have "drank the koolaid" as they say. Hyundai is the ONLY way to go.......

Dr. Bumboclot Nubian

My first Hyundai was a 1989 Sonata GLS that I purchsed on March 10, 1989. I was a pain in the a** to the dealer because I asked for ALL the options but with a manual transmission...something just told me I would have more problems with an automatic.

They finally found one and I don't know if you recall, but the engine size back then was a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. Everyone thought it was a 6 cylinder because of the power it had. In addition to my daily commute to the valley (I live in Los Angeles), I drove it accross country 3 times with no problems. It was rear-ended in 1991 and sufferred about $5K in damage but was repaired and I didn't have any problems due to the accident. At the time I had to part ways with it, I had over 200K miles on it and it was still going strong. The only major repairs were 2 clutches and an air conditioner condensor.

20 years later to the month, on March 23, 2009, I purchased a used, 2009 Sonata Limited V6 with 11K miles on it. The only major options it didn't come with were navigation and blue-tooth (I hear the navigation is a good option, but I don't own a cell phone so don't need bluetooth, LOL!). I have since added the premium rubber floor mats, mud flaps, a bra/mask, tinted the windows and will be obtaining new chrome wheels. I get compliments on the car wherever I go. I am so happy with this car I don't know what to do! As the one person put it, I have also drank the kool-aid! I'm presently trying to figure out a way to obtain a used Genesis Coupe to have, in addition to my Sonata, but I guess I'll just have to wait about a year. HYUNDAI RULES!!!

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