Toyota Pulls Ahead in Cash for Clunkers Sales

Corolla Toyota has inched ahead in terms of which automaker is benefiting most from the Cash for Clunkers program. With 358,851 deals submitted to the government through the Car Allowance Rebate System at a value of $1.5 billion, Toyota has the largest share of cars purchased, at 18.9%.

GM is in second place with 17.6% of all sales, followed by Ford (15.4%), Honda (12.9%) and Chrysler (9.1%).

The average fuel economy of the vehicles being purchased is 25 mpg, while the average combined mileage number for the cars being scrapped is 15.8 mpg.

The top-selling car under the program is the Toyota Corolla, followed by the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius. The top vehicles being traded in are the Ford Explorer 4WD, Ford F-150 2WD, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer 2WD.

Toyota Selling Most Cars in Clunker Plan (Detroit Free Press)



I remembering being surprised the first time I saw this tally to see GM competing since they did not even have one of the top purchased cars in the program, like Toyota, Honda and Ford. This seems to indicate their sales have been more across the board then a few specific models. I know the Cobalt has sold OK for them under this program, I cam curious which others with the Cobalt being a more dated design for them.

Doug G

Interesting to see how much power the Toyota brand still has, especially compared to Honda. I'd thought Honda was catching up over the past few years.

Dave Wuss

I don't know what's more impressive the fact that Toyota has three of the top five selling cars, that the Corolla is the top seller, or that Toyota has the lowest average manufacturing based incentives per car. Kiplinger/CNN reported the average incentive for Toyota is $1,100 while GM is $3,500, Ford $3,300, and Chrysler is $3,900. Naturally having manufacturing incentives on top of the CFC money equates to discounts we've never seen before (at least not for the Japanese brands).

Original sheth

Dave Wuss:

the rankings above are not accurate. already debunked the governments list by actually tallying ALL the types of trim levels for each model. In their list 7 or 8 out of the top ten vehicles were domestic. The government counts each drivetrain as a different vehicle so sales of the FWD Escape, AWD escape and hybrid escape are tallied separately which means the Escape drops way down the list. Same applies for pickups. Edmunds ranking of the top 10 was MUCH different than the governments and it explains why GM is close to Toyota in clunker success even though they are nowhere to be found on the government's top 10 list. You would think more people would notice the inconsistency.


I thought at one time the Toyota Matrix was lumped in together with the Corolla for sales numbers?

I swear in San Diego every other car is a Honda and 90% of those are Civics.


Per what Dave Wuss said: Here's a link to a CNN story confirming that.

Until the government uses standard sales reporting practices, there's no way of knowing what models are ACTUALLY winning.

Original sheth


I was saying that. Actually you can figure out who has the lead but it requires going though the list and adding up all the trim lines of each vehicle. Any vehicle that is ONLY available with one drivetrain will do better on the government's list. The government's list is misleading and they are doing that for a reason. They are trying to skew the results towards efficient cars. According to the government's list people are primarily buying fuel efficient cars and small crossovers. That is not the case.

Original sheth


Toyota plays lots of games with sales numbers. The Matrix is counted as a Corolla even though htey share nothing but a platform and engine. The solara was counted as a camry even thought he word "camry" didn't appear anywhere on the Solara. ON top of that when the Camry was redesignedin 2007 the Solara continued to be based on the last gen model. The civic would likely outsell the Corolla if Matrix sales were removed.


OS: Yeah, I realized that you had posted after I put that up. It's because you had started with "Dave Wuss" - addressing him and I used that.

Civic sales include a coupe too ;)

Edmunds list was interesting but unfortunately they don't seem to be updating it every day like the govt, so you can't say it is still accurate from 3 weeks ago.

Original sheth


I agree that edmunds list isnt accurate as of today but the government's list isnt accurate ANY day because of flawed methodology. No automaker or automotive press entity groups cars in the way the government does so its misleading for all of these media outlets to report Toyota is dominating the top 10 list and people are flocking towards efficient car/crossovers. The government didn't even dispute edmunds list because they know its a better representation of whats being sold. How in the world can they say GM is selling 18% of the cars under CFC and then produce a list that doesn't contain ONE GM vehicle. Makes no sense.


Dave T: OS is right. If the gov't. is still using a flawed model, and there is NO indication they've changed, their numbers are off.

Some cynics might even say that the gov't is cooking the books to make it look like what the gov't. wanted.

OS and Maxwell,
THE AUTOMAKER overall can't be wrong. Edmunds is arguing that they break down trim levels within a model and that because the trucks have 20-30 different variations sometimes they were relegated out. But obviously the same number of Fords are sold no matter if the F Series is higher or lower.

Dave Wuss

Dave T,
Who would ever thought that the skills and patience learned at home from having two under two could also be applied at work.

Well I don't ALL CAPS at the kids at least.


Dave T: The linked article lists the top 10 cars - with Toyota having 3 of those. The article does not list by brand.

Also notice that #3 is listed as Focus FWD. Does Ford sell some secret 4WD or AWD version? None of the other cars have that, which makes one suspect that, surprise, the gov't. screwed up that reporting too.

The earlier numbers compiled by Edmunds were FAR different than go'vt stats. How can we believe anything?

By the way, here's a story angle gleaned from the linked article. What percentage of C4C purchases are imports subsidized by American taxpayers, including American auto workers?

we're talking about the share of cars which toyota is ahead in.
The Edmunds list actually wasn't that radically different if I recall correctly as the civic, corolla, focus were all in top ten. The escape was #1 though and F series and Silverado were in the top ten. The trucks being added were the biggest difference to me.

They just are breaking down sales via the reporting methods they have in place. I'm kind of thankful they're not spending more money coming up with an alternative way. When it's all over maybe we can see the end result. But if you look at overall car sales, there were certainly no spikes for Explorers or anything.


Mind to explain why dragging the Civic into the discussion by saying "Civic sales include a coupe too ;)" ?

I see the badge "Civic" on both Coupe and Sedan. But I do NOT see Corolla's badge on the Matrix.


If I recall the important question is why the government separates the numbers of Ford Escapes sold depending if they are AWD or FWD... and why Toyota mixes the Corolla and Matrix..???

By the way, if Toyonda is such a special company according to some zealots... why they were numero uno and six months later (more or less) they started to lose money...

Original sheth

"THE AUTOMAKER overall can't be wrong. Edmunds is arguing that they break down trim levels within a model and that because the trucks have 20-30 different variations sometimes they were relegated out. But obviously the same number of Fords are sold no matter if the F Series is higher or lower. "


You cannot compile a top 10 list and NOT count every trim line of a particular model. Period. I cannot believe you are trying to defend the government's methods of accounting for sales. No one else separates models by drivetrain and when you do that you get a deceptive list. The Prius automatically rises because it has one engine and one drivetrain. The Focus isn't really affected because it has the same characteristics. Any model that offers AWD or styles that the government counts as separate models gets penalized. The Edmunds list was FAR different than the government list. Edmunds list had 7 domestics while the government list had 2. I believe the Cobalt, Silverado, F150 and Fusion where on the edmunds list but not on the government list. The Escape was MUCH higher on the edmunds list- #1 at the time.

I see no reason why the government would need to spend money to classify car sales correctly- its not rocket science at all. All trucks called Silverado should be tallied under that name. Its pretty easy.

Original sheth


In addition to the Fusion, F150, Cobalt and Silverado the edmunds list included the Patriot and Caliber which were not on the government's list. In other words the two lists were drastically different. The government list gives the impression that cars and imports dominate the top 10 when the reality is domestics and small SUVs/pickups are well represented.


Shet, you are an idiot. Dave T just said the total number of vehicles wouldn't change. Toyota would still be number, independent of how trim levels are counted. You're just trying to pick and something and you've got nothing - like usual.

Original sheth


Everyone is posting articles quoting the top sellers based on the government's list. A top 10 list that is inaccurate is pointless. While the total number of vehicles sold per manufacturer wont change based on what top ten list you use the bottom line is the "best selling" vehicles are being taken from the flawed government list. I haven't heard or read much about which manufacturer is doing the best, just which vehicles are selling best. BTW, Toyota is only #1 as of the latest report by the government. Before that they were #2 and much of that probably is related to lack of GM inventory. They shut down most plants for several weeks earlier this summer.


OMG! Drop it already! Original Sh*t - Face're an idiot!

Original sheth


If only I could be as intelligent and articulate as you. Oh well. Anyone that has to incorporate edited profanity into their posts likely has nothing intelligent to add. Wouldn't you agree? Not sure how I'm an idiot for mentioning what Edmunds reported on many days ago.


Your probably not married...are you? I can't see how someone could put up with you. (probably still live with your mom)


Why are we using US taxpayer dollars to supplement Asian car manufacturers? Every time I see a new Toyota, Honda, etc, I feel like I paid for part of it. They don't buy our cars in Japan and you'll never see another country help the US automakers. We're such suckers!!


Original sheth

"Why are we using US taxpayer dollars to supplement Asian car manufacturers?"

Ask Ziggy that one.

You are right, the incentive programs in other countries largely benefited vehicles made in that country. Japan has a program made to encourage people to buy hybrids and Japan makes 95% of the cars sold there. I read that Germany's program disproportionately benefited German automakers. Only in the US are we celebrating the fact that 54% of the vehicles were made in the US. That is pathetic. The Japanese took 41% of the sales vs 38% for the Big 3. I'm sure Japan Inc loved C4C though.

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