Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Toyota Camry

Reader Review Tony from St. Paul, Minn., recently bought a new 2010 Toyota Camry. How does he feel about one of America’s most popular cars? No surprise here: Tony is a fan. Nevertheless, he finds some quirks and minor hiccups in one specific area that he’d like to see ironed out. Read this review — even if it’s just to witness the coinage of “torquey” — and then post your own review here.

10Camry “This is a beautiful car. I have the SE version, and it’s very peppy. It seems a bit torquey at stop-and-go speeds (it doesn't seem to coast freely). But otherwise it has a quiet, smooth ride with plenty of pep when trying to get ahead of something at highway speeds. I am averaging 28 miles per gallon.

“The add-on Bluetooth module is a bit hard to work with as it does not integrate into the main audio system. The MP3-player integration is a bit clumsy because the auxiliary audio input and DC power outlet are in a little cubby in the front console. This is easy to hook into but makes controlling the player difficult.

“Overall, a geeky guy like me has to do some work to make the audio system work well for him, but the overall experience is excellent.”




I am a sincere, loyal and dedicated individual who has a great deal of ambition


I wouldn't sweat the ipod situation, Tony. Geeky guys like you (your description) surely understand how compressed files mangle sound quality. The Camry with SE suspension and the 6 is an underappreciated gem. Toyota would do well to explore that market. The 'bland' description fits, but they have some good platforms they could work from to change that.

Although I do not own one, I have ridden in one and it is a pretty smooth ride. However, I could never get over the styling of the nose cone. It looks ok in dark colors, but it's one of those situations where the lighting can make it ugly or beautiful. The rest of the exterior styling is not so bad.

On the inside, the center stack does not have the same elegance that a Honda Accord or even a Ford Fusion has. The materials seems a bit down from the last version of the car as well.

Overall I wouldn't not take a Camry, but given my options, there are better cars for mid-30's people who can see well and care about style.

*rant about your worst dealer experience at *


I recently bought a 2010 Camry LE. I agree with this reviewer that the car is great overall but a couple of negatives would be the steering and handling which is way too light and mushy with handling that is only really good at highway cruising. Secondly, the transmission downshifts annoyingly in stop and go traffic and sometimes downshifts harshly when coming to a stop before finally upshifting with an unpleasant but not harsh thump...not really what you would expect from supposedly one of the smoothest powertrains in the business. The standouts are the quiet and smooth ride, great acceleration (very smooth and refined) even with the base 169 hp engine, nice looks and the great stereo system which always seems to surpass Honda's factory systems by a landslide. MPG is also very good for a car this size and with this type power and acceleration. BUT, Please, Toyota, WORK ON THE TRANSMISSION on the next Camry...there have been on and off glitches since 2007 and its time you got it RIGHT on this otherwise great car!!


I am deeply disappointed in 2004 model Camry.


I stopped reading review after first sentence: "This is a beautiful car". The reviewer has no taste in cars.

I rented one Camry LE this April for two weeks (business trip) and I HATE that car. Cheap plastic interior, and the I4 engine? With four adults onboard the car simply doesn't move even if I floored the gas when getting on highway. The people are really brave and fearless who carry their family in this thing.

I just purchased a 2010 Camry SE 4cyl for my wife this past weekend. Before going any further, This is a Camry, and as such, I do not expect M5 performance. However... compared to the lackluster LE, and XLE, the slightly stiffer suspension and other tweaks, the SE drives much better than any other Toyota sedan I've driven. In fact, I'd say it's on par with the handling dynamics of a Honda Accord. It does not feel soft or mushy, a fair amount of road data is fedback to the driver through the steering wheel, and the body does not roll much at all. We got the 4 banger, and even though it is no where near as quick as the V6, it does deliver acceptable performance, the 11hp increase over the base LE is noticeable, and with the new 6 speed auto, we have averaged 32mpg so far.

yes the design may not appeal to a lot of buyers out there, but the simple fact of the matter is that more people buy Camry's than any other car (be it they are brainwashed, idiots, smart, conservative, boring, value minded, whatever). And if you go for the optional JBL system with 6CD and Bluetooth, you should be pretty happy with your audio and phone integration.

In my mind, for less than 25k, you can't find a better overall family sedan.

Al G.

Benny I agree with your assessment of the Camry. Recently test drove a 2010 Camry SE. It definitely has more pep than my 05. While IMHO, even in SE guise it is not as sporty as the new Mazda 6 or Altima the car is smooth, quiet, comfortable and capable. These are all hallmarks of what makes the Camry a good car. Those who are fans will not be disappointed. However on one thing I notice in the interior of the one I test drove is that a few of the trim pieces were misaligned. Something I haven’t seen in Camry’s of yore. Hopefully Toyota can address these in the next build. All in all the Camry is a good car and should prove reliable. If anyone is looking for sports like handling or excitement in their ride then you won’t find it here.

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