Hyundai Bringing Flagship Equus Sedan to U.S.


Today, Hyundai announced it will bring its global flagship sedan to the United States. Named “Equus” in other markets, the sedan is 7.2 inches longer than the Genesis sedan, which went on sale last year. It’s built on the same platform as the Genesis and will likely only be sold with the V-8 engine that tops the Genesis lineup. The Genesis tops out at $42,050, so the Equus will slot above that.

The Equus will be renamed for U.S. consumption, and its pricing, packaging and name will be announced closer to its on-sale date in late 2010, which seems an awfully long time from now. We’re also not sure if the market has fully accepted Hyundai as an automaker worthy of a $40,000 sedan.

Some say the U.S. Equus could be priced in the $50,000 range. We’re definitely not sure the U.S. is ready for that sticker shock, no matter how nice a sedan it may be.


By David Thomas | August 12, 2009 | Comments (16)
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Do I see a hint of Charger/Avenger in those rear quarters?


Image is worth a lot for some people when spending more than $30k or $40k on a car. I agree that most adults today, who saw how crappy Hyundai was in the early 90's, may not be able to stomach spending more than $40k on that thing.

These days a Camry can top out past $30k, so the Genesis (esp the nice V6 version) is a great way for someone to "splurge" just a little and not feel like he/she spent any more money than, say, for an Avalon.


"We’re also not sure if the market has fully accepted Hyundai as an automaker worthy of a $40,000 sedan"

I think, they accepted it. Genesis sells. Phaeton syndrome? - may be.


I like how Hyundai has increased is quality and reliability to great expectations. however, i believe that anything over the current genesis is pushing it. Now if Hyundai started a luxury brand like lexus is to toyota, then there could be some fesibility to this car. if they do a brand division then itd be nice.


A 50k Hyundai with Maxima tail lights attached?


imho just call it "Equus" & remove Hyundai name otherwise it won't sell!

At some point, value can't go any farther. This might be that point.


>on-sale date in late 2010, which seems an awfully long time from now

It beats launching a new luxury car in the middle of a recession. Not that there's any guarantee things will be significantly better then, though...


I have a new Genesis and if the suspension of the Equus is anything like the Genesis then it is sure to be a big loser. The Genesis rides like a truck and the dealer service is crappy. Nobody is going to pay $50K for a car with lousy suspension and dealers who know nothing about their products.

Juan Carlos

no more azera then?


Because Most North Amaerica consumers like "Stiffer suspesion".
Korea version Genesis have full marshmallow suspension.


Not to bad, but I think I see a hint of Lexus and Mercedes in its style. Needs to be unique, not a look-a-like.


@ J

If you talk to someone from around the globe, like me, we know American style to be plush, cushy ride, and many people still buy those rolly-polly cars.


Just noticed something else, the headlights are stolen from Audi with those bottom row LED's, they really are stealing from the experts on this one.


The way this car is styled, it certainly has the looks for that high price tag. I think both the Genesis coupe and sedan have been HUGE gains for Hyundai. Wake up, people! They are trying!


This flagship is more worthwhile than anything that Cadillac and Lincoln or Acura are putting out these days.

Unless you count the "gang bangers special" Escalade or Navigator of course.

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