GM Reveals Future Lineup Plans


Today, GM announced it will release 25 new vehicles by the end of 2011. Included in that number are current new releases like the Chevy Equinox, Chevy Camaro and Buick LaCrosse. The usually tight-lipped automotive world is loosening at GM headquarters; they revealed that the well-received Chevy Malibu will get a refresh in 2011 for the 2012 model year. And that’s just one of the vehicles they discussed.

Also confirmed is the Chevy Camaro convertible, which won’t arrive until midway through 2011.

A new Chevy Aveo subcompact was shown to insiders who wrote about the event on Twitter. No photos will be released. “New Chevy Aveo gets swept-back roof, still has an awkward-looking grille. Tires get pushed out wider,” said Editor in Chief Ray Wert.

Cadillac and Buick will both get compact sedans smaller than the CTS and LaCrosse, respectively.

Cadillac will have a larger, full-size sedan to replace the DTS and STS, tentatively called the XTS.

The Cadillac CTS coupe and CTS-V coupe are back on the schedule.

Both GMC and Buick have concept versions of the Chevy Orlando compact van, but they aren’t considered production vehicles.

Previously announced new products include the Chevy Cruze compact sedan, a Buick small crossover with a plug-in hybrid version and the Chevy Volt, of course. The others that are on sale now or are slated for sale this year include the Cadillac SRX, the Cadillac CTS wagon and the GMC Terrain crossover.

By our quick count that’s 18 new production vehicles, so GM still has a few surprises left to unveil over the next two years.



Jalopnik reports on the Bare Necessity Car Concept - now this looks interesting. I hope this comes to production!


This is the line up to save GM? Hmmm...lets hope the last few are the dazzlers.

Original sheth

Malibu will be all new for 2012, not refreshed.


What kind of vehicles would make you happy? I'm surprised you are so underwhelmed.

Original sheth

You did not count the Orlando, Buick compact car, compact GMC or Buick compact SUV smaller than Vue.

No like I said they're talking production so I talked to production. Concepts aren't production cars.


Orlando is a go for production.

In the U.S.? No word on that that I've seen. Please provide a link.

Original sheth

If you are going to try and hit 25 you would have to count the cars that are intended for the US but have not been shown in production form. If not, you wont get 25. Orlando, Buick small car, etc. are coming to US.


Like Sarah - I realy don't see the excitement with this line up. GM really hasn't put anything out the makes me say "wow! I gotta go check that out." I my previous post I gave the link to a possible GM concept. Now this is something I'd be interested in. There wasn't any mention of the Spark. Is that coming to the U.S.? Why don't they produce the Beat or the Groove. Those would interest me... not the line up listed above.

I think there are others that are coming that aren't the ones you're thinking of by 2011. The Orlando and the other small cars might not be out soon enough.

The Spark, and a very small crossover from Chevy could be sooner for example. Like we always say though we don't do the speculation in the posts themselves without saying so. But it was very easy to get to the 18 figure.


No official press release since NAIAS but a snippet from webchat with Fritz Henderson back in May:

Q. With the declining number of brands, maybe GM can provide the remaining brands a fuller lineup – any comment on flagship sedans for Cadillac or Chevrolet? (Brian Beringer)

Brian, we have big product and technology plans for all our brands. Chevrolet is already loaded with great cars, crossovers and trucks with a lot more coming like the Cruze, Spark and Orlando – and of course, the Volt.

And a recent quote from Bob Lutz regarding Voltec powertrain:

Responding to just such a question from Lyle Dennis over at, Lutz admitted, "We are actually studying the adaptation of Volt technology to the upcoming Orlando."

Emphasis on "upcoming Orlando".

And not that it means much but the Orlando is still listed as a future vehicle on Chevy's website.


Any chance the Cadillac compact could be the European BLS?


Wow! This is an ambitious plan. So ambitious it may actually work. I still maintain that the Cruze should have been out sooner and that many GM cars could do with a redesign (very soon hopefully), but thinking like this may actually get GM through the recession to a brighter future. I'm looking forward to the CTS-V Coupe.

Original sheth


Based on your commentary I'm pretty sure nothing GM could roll out would "excite" you. I'm excited about the small Cadillac, Regal, Cruze, CTS-C and small Buick. But that's just me.

Original Ziggy

Sorry OS but the syling is just too bland and I can't get too excited having been burned 3 times by poor GM quality.

Original Ziggy

And I did say that I like the Spark. I wish they would have produced the Groove and Beat. And I do like the style of the Bare Necessity concept. None of what they are producing look like the ones I just mentioned.

Strange I remember when it debuted they would not say it was U.S. bound. I'll look into it.

Original sheth


So basically anything that isnt an ultra small subcompact isnt worth looking at? They are coming out with a new Aveo. experiences with quality really have little to do with liking the design or performance of a vehicle. GErman cars arent the most reliable but they typically look good and drive well. I would agree that if you are anti GM you likely wont care about any of their future models.


That's the GM press release from NAIAS. Of course that was pre-bankruptcy and there have been no official announcements since then other than what I posted before.


Dont be surprised if that compact car smaller than the Lacrosse is named the Regal which is already on Buick of China's Website.Though It looks nice im hoping they come out with a great handling pavement pounding Grand National!

you're right, I'm losing it!!!!!!!!

I am in total lack of sleep mode with the second kid now. 2 under 2 = 5 hours of sleep if I'm lucky.

Original Dave Wuss

Dave you are sooooooooooo anti-GM;-) I'm surprised to hear that you can manage to get five hours with two under two. That in and of itself sounds like a reality tv show in the making.


What's so dazzling about honda or toyota--- they're about as exciting as oatmeal (without the raisins or spice).

All these complainers need to start their own car company if they're so bored.

i love that car it looks beautiful

it seems to me to look exactly like a Equinox/Vue!

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