GM Pulls Plug on Buick Crossover, Hybrid


We first learned of Buick getting a regular and plug-in-hybrid version of the Saturn Vue crossover two weeks ago. Today, the company announced it will not produce the vehicle. It cited poor feedback from media, consumers and dealers over the vehicle, which may not have been luxurious enough to fit into the new Buick mold.

GM says it will keep the plug-in hybrid powertrain for another vehicle that will debut in the same proposed, 2011 timeframe. Likely candidates are the Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain and Cadillac SRX crossovers.



Between this and the G8, GM is flip-flopping like a politician. No wonder we call them Government Motors.


So what. It's called a business decision, not a broken or empty promise.

"I promise change" does not equal "Buick plans to release a crossover-based PHEV".


When will the re-badging end??? STOP!


The Vue was not a very good vehicle. Buick is better off without it.

Juan Carlos

it could have been useful to get younger drivers.

marven gardens

Did you happen to actually see this vehicle? It looks like Kia barfed up a Pontiac Aztec. It should be DOA.

Good, I'm glad GM's got enough sense to filter their products instead of releasing in volume and just hoping for the best.


The Vue was pretty ugly, though I thought it was getting better in the latest model..

Aztec ?? Nothing is that ugly.. great comment, though.


Just like GM's old self.
Promises that made to be broken.


promises made to be broken? it saw that people were reacting poorly to the vehicle, and stopped the plans for production of the vehicle before it got to financially involved.

Dave Wuss

Why didn't GM conduct market survey's prior to announcing the vehicle??? GM's culture hasn't changed much as they're still making the same old mistakes. It's all for the better any way as few people would have bought this vehicle. Buick is still thought of as an old person's car. Very few people under the age of sixty want to say, "I drive a Buick".


I think this is an insightful and respectable decision from the New GM.


The Saturn Vue that was killed, was not really a Saturn anyway, it was the rebadged Equinox, so leave the junk Equinox where it belongs under the Equinox name and brand. It won't matter within 2 years GM will be out of business anyway.

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