Podcast: 2010 Lincoln MKZ, MKS EcoBoost

The current state of Lincoln as a brand is debated among the editors as they discuss two of its recent sedans that visited the offices. Mike Hanley, David Thomas and Joe Wiesenfelder discuss the redesigned 2010 Lincoln MKZ and the 2010 Lincoln MKS with the twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. Can either or both help a brand struggling to define itself in a competitive environment?

Download the podcast via iTunes here or listen in a browser here.

By David Thomas | August 24, 2009 | Comments (4)



The EcoBoost shoulda been dropped into the MKZ.

The MKZ desperately needs something to distinguish itself v. the competition.



Boy, automotive journalists keep getting more and more caught up in the moment, living test car to test car that they lose site of the big picture.

If this was an "all Lincoln" podcast, and you are supposedly "experts" then why no mention of the pending any day now Lincoln MKT cross-over? Also, why no mention of their small car concept effort shown in NY, and most likely slated for production in some sort of small car form or another.

Maybe instead of being the Lincoln of yesterday, they are actually reaching for something different. You guys really need to start thinking more linearly...everything doesn't have to relate to something else....not everyone one wants to be an Acura (thank god) or a German car company.

Our podcasts are about the cars we test. So we can only talk about those we have tested. Not about vehicles slated for the future. I think most car shoppers do think about different car companies and would compare Lincoln against Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti and Acura.


The 3.7 is far more likely than the Ecoboost to be installed in the MKZ.

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