2011 Infiniti M: First Look


Infiniti’s next flagship sedan will be called the M56 and will go on sale in the spring of 2010. This top-of-the-line M will feature a 5.6-liter V-8 good for more than 400 hp, though Infiniti isn’t getting specific right now. While the new M37 will feature the same 3.7-liter V-6 found in the G37 lineup, which produces 328 hp, Infiniti says the new Ms with the bigger engines will get better fuel economy than the outgoing models.

Besides the engines, it’s evident in the images above and below that the car has been completely redesigned. The lines are curvaceous — actually, they’re beyond curvaceous. This is perhaps the least-streamlined large sedan we’ve seen in some time. Automakers continue to push the boundaries in a design war to make sure their models stand out. The new M should do at least that.

The 2011 M will also pack high-tech features like a blind spot warning system, but beyond that there isn’t much more information on the new M. The company says it will release more information later this year.  


By David Thomas | August 17, 2009 | Comments (11)



I like it.


The back end looks like a Hyundai Azera ... first Lexus copies Hyundai with the new ES350 (looks like a Sonata) and now Infiniti is copying Hyundai too!

Original sheth

Interior barely changed.


Looks sort of like a Jaguar XF


"The back end looks like a Hyundai Azera"

And the side looks like Elantra (perforation). Otherwise, profile is from new Legacy. sorry, forgot that Legacy stole its front from the Infinity first.
I don't like the grill.


interior much better than anything Honda/Acura is doing these days with it's cluster of buttons!

Dave Wuss

This car is gorgeous. This M with a V8 must be a real beast. I'll have to add this to my list when it comes time to turn in my BMW.

I like how it's got that sort of exotic exterior now, but I agree with OS - interior's quite derivative, could have let the designers out the cage a bit more.

Al G.

Love the new M. I agree with OS comment about the interior though. The design as a whole works. That 5.6 V8 will run with the best of them. One wouldn't be doing to bad if they got the 3.7 V6 either. I predict another homerun for Infiniti

brian murphy

This car is so cute. Im a flamboyant man and i like my cars cute. I wonder if it comes in pearl pink.... wow what a panty dropper. I wonder if i can preorder it. I am so gay!


I can't wait to see this car! I'm guessing that it has the Endurance V8 like the one in my Armada, just with a bit more kick. I hope that I will have room to install hand controls so I can actually drive it.

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