2010 Volkswagen Golf to Start at $17,490

10Golf Volkswagen is changing the name of its Rabbit to the name it uses around the world, the Golf. It will also get a price bump, up from $16,300 for the Rabbit to $17,490 for the Golf base model.

The base model comes with a 175-horsepower, 2.5-liter gas engine and two doors. An upgrade to four doors will cost you $19,190.

Big news for the new Golf is the inclusion of a turbo-diesel engine. The two-door TDI begins at $21,990, and the four-door TDI starts $22,590. This diesel engine is the same one powering the Jetta TDI.

Meanwhile, the Golf GTI will have an starting price tag of $23,290.



Why doesn't VW just build quality cars instead of playing the name game with their hatch?


I guess Rabbits werent hopping off the dealers lots very quickly...
Why name something with connections to a bad product? The early Rabbits were decent vehicles,but shoddy workmanship,untested engineering,and the very foreign-to-VW "water cooling" led to many issues.Coming from dead reliable Beetles many new Rabbit owners were miffed that their new car was not as "good" as their trusty Type-1.
VW should now be expected to call vehicles "Quantum" and "Fox" again if their lack of memory continues.


Why the $1,190 base price increase? Any additional standard features come with that?


I concur with the above comments...mostly because I have a VW and it has given me lots of problems. I am very disappointed.


VW does build Quality cars. I have owned/leased 3 VW's in the past 7 years. Only problem I ever had was a recall on my Passat for ignitors. By the way they where called Golf before so dont really see what the big deal is. Golf/Rabbit= great gas milege, safe, reliable, and fun car with a top notch interior for a bargin price. Whats not to love? We just purchased an 09 Rabbit, one of last left.


um...VW still builds the Fox. its slotted just under the Polo.

the price increase can be attributed to an even higher quality interior, and a few other standard features. the price increase may also be attributed to the fact that VW is bringing the Polo over here in its next generation.


Don't complaint too much about the price, guys... try to get this car in any European country... and you will see what mark up means (you can get the Seat Ibiza, basically the same car).


I've heard mixed stuff about VW all the time. I currently have an Audi A4 and it's been reliable. My sister just got a Jetta and I guess time will tell. VW does build quality cars but only certain models. At least they are leading the way for diesel fueled cars in the US. TDI models are hard to come by and when they do they sell quick.


VW is not a leader in diesel cars. General Motors is the only manufacturer, foreign or domestic, to sell large numbers of diesel cars in the U.S. Volkswagen is not in GM's league for manufacturing diesel cars.


I don't understand the name change thing with VW...

First we had the Rabbit...which eventually morphed into the Jetta (a Rabbit with a trunk) and then came the Golf, which always seemed to me to be a sportier version of the Golf...then we went back to Rabbit and now we're back to Golf. If I've missed any steps, please correct me.

Why not keep both? Why can't the the Rabbit be the cheaper, economy model that is fuel efficient without all the high priced options and the Golf be the top-of-the-line model with all the bells and whistles???


I like Mark's idea for a base car called the Rabbit: two door hatch with gas only engine, 5 speed manual, AC standard with the only options being power windows and remote locking. Price it at 15K and VW would sell lots of them. The basic Rabbit was actually a top rated compact by Consumer Reports - why mess with that? Leave the diesel, DSG and more complex stuff to the expensive Golf line.


The car better come stack for the price points they are selling the car at.


For those complaining about the price increase and the name change, don't sweat it. For the price, the new Golf (and previous Rabbit) was a better value than the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. The base Rabbit (now Golf) gave you more standard equipment and safety features for $15K to $16.5 that you had to pay extra on the Civic (pushed the price close to $20K) and Corolla (pushed the price to the low $20k). Even with the price increase, it is still cheaper than the base Civic and base Corolla in many markets. Heck, it is cheaper than what the Honda Fit is going for in many Southern state markets (base Fit is $18.3k in Dallas, TX)

Andy in ATL

Hybrit must be in a middle of smoking som'ing.. Name one diesel GM car in US. The only ones they made back in 70's were crap; gas engines retrofitted to run on diesel, and designed to self-destruct after 10K miles. Diesel engine has to be designed from the bottom up, as it deals with much higher fuel pressure. GM sells (or used to sell) a lot of diesel pick ups but they are not even in the same leage, or planet with VW when it comes to technology. Try applying same emissions regulations to any GM diesel truck, as the onese that VW has to deal with right now.


You are full of crap and don't know what you're talking about. GM sold a million diesel cars in the U.S. - more than VW, Mercedes and Audi will ever sell here. They sold 325,000 diesel cars in 1981 alone - while VW's lousy diesel Rabbit was failing its owners and was pulled off the market. VW has never been a leader in diesel cars and never will be. I see from your moniker that you're from Georgia. Just pour yourself a tall glass of moonshine and play with your feral pig and don't add any more posts until you get your facts straight.
Have a nice day.



Andy is correct and you are wrong. GM never sold anything remotely close to that number of diesel cars period. My mom had one of those Olds diesels that died around 60k miles. She eventually had to have it converted to gas because rebuilding the retro-gas-fitted diesel that GM put in their diesel cars was way more costly and no guaranty that it would not fail again withing 50k to 60k miles. The 6.2L diesel that GM put in their pickups was a true diesel but did not last long under the strains that a Cummings diesel engine would laugh at. Now, GM did sell a lot of pickups with diesel engines back in the 80s, but again, not anywhere close to the numbers you are pulling out of thin air.


Andy, the GM car diesel engines started with the 1978 model year Oldsmobile 88/98 cars and lasted until the mid 1980s when more complaints rolled into the GM headquarters about the sorriness and unreliability of their car diesel engines. Their car diesels were mainly put in their Oldsmobile line but if you look hard enough, you can find one in a Bonneville or Caprice (the Impala name was dropped in the early 80s) or LeSabre/Park Avenues. If you look really hard, you could even find one in a Seville or Sedan Deville. By 1987, GM dropped putting their diesel engines in their car lines altogether.


I'm gonna add to the GM/VW diesel argument and say that since the spectacular failure of GM back in the late 70s and early 80s, I have not been able to find any diesel-powered GM cars (plenty of trucks and suvs though), whereas VW has been selling them for a very long time.


The problems with early GM Diesels had more to do with the below average intelligence of some of the folks who bought them (sound familiar JB?). They didn't use the right oil (diesel requires a special crankcase oil) and they didn't use the fuel additives that are absolutely required of diesel car owners. As a result, water in the fuel -still a problem with diesel cars- caused head gaskets to blow. The second generation diesel V8s had a water separator along with other improvements like roller cams, etc. The GM diesel V6 that came along in the 80s was a very well regarded motor and much better than anything VW built then or since. GM sold 1 million diesel cars, including 325,000 in 1981 alone. At a time when more than 200 diesel models were sold in the US by all kinds of manufacturers, GM had 60 percent of the market - a leadership position by any measure. The only reason GM stopped making diesel cars is because the public wised up and stopped buying all diesel cars and the market dried up. VW has tried on several occasions to try and pawn off stinkers like the Tourareg V10 diesel, which achieved a whopping 15 mpg, and the cramped Jetta TDI which they had to pull off the market just a couple years ago. VW has never been a leader in diesel cars and never will be.


Yes!!! I'm ready to tee off with Golf! I'm so happy the Rabbit decided to hop away....sorry, I couldn't resist...


Hybrit: It seems you don't know what you're talking about


James, it would seem that Hybrit is right and you don't have a clue. I just saw an ad for a 1980 Cadillac Diesel with 100 thousand miles and starts every time. There's no such thing as a 1980 volkswagen diesel that still runs.



First of all, I take offense to you saying that my mom or myself have below average intelligence. From what you have posted, you lack a lot of knowledge when it comes to talking about American versus German diesel cars. My mom followed all the instructions as far as filters, fuels, oil, etc for running and maintaining her car. But, since GM decided to go the cheap route and convert a gas engine instead of building a true diesel engine (from the ground up), poor quality is what you get. In my travels, I have not seen a GM diesel car running on any of the highways and byways (and I travel a lot between TX and CA and east through MS/AL). Your personal attack has definitely discredited you with me as far as anything else you have to say on this topic because you definitely have no idea of what the heck you are talking about (along with your buddy Zack).

As far as the GM V6 diesel engines, they were so well regarded you can barely find any information on them and I don't see any of them on the roads either. Their reliability was a bit better, but because of the poor quality of the V8 diesels, GM quietly discontinued them as to not suffer more humiliation. However, I have seen a few of the old Rabbit diesels (mainly the truck version) still kicking and quite a few for sale on Ebay Motors and Yahoo Autos. I have checked for any of the old GM diesels on these sights and you can count on one hand, waving three to four fingers, the number of old GM diesels from the late 70s/early 80s still alive. The one or two that I have come across was owned by some older person that barely drove it so it doesn't have high miles.

GM may have sold over 1 million diesels if you count their cars that they sell all around the world (which GM has diesel variants of most of their lines that they sell everywhere else). As far as the US market, their diesel sales weren't that high (don't have an accurate number) and mostly with their 6.2L diesel trucks and vans (which a small few of them are still kicking to this day).

You are trying to stick up for a car company that has let the American public down with giving us a lot of junk while giving foreign markets the better quality cars (see Vauxhall and Holden). GM dropped the ball with their diesel car line-up here in the states, period!! They have tried again to get into the diesel market with their BTS in Europe (known as the CTS in the US but with a diesel engine) but has since discontinued it due to low sales and how it lags behind the VW, Mercedes, and now BMW diesels as far as speed and power.


I love my rabbit...no regrets. No prolems.

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