2010 Nissan Sentra Gets New Look, Lower Price


How does Nissan try to convince car shoppers it has a legitimate compact in its lineup that can compete with the big boys, named Civic and Corolla? Well, for 2010 it’s lowered the price a bit on some and refreshed the styling a tad on all Sentra models. The 2010s are arriving at dealers now and officially go on sale today.

If you’re shopping the base Sentra 2.0 with a continuously variable automatic transmission, the MSRP has dropped just $130, to $16,600, but move up to the 2.0S and the price falls $600, to $17,160. Move up to the higher SL, SE-R and SE-R Spec-V, and the price savings come down $1,100 and $1,080, respectively. A full price breakdown is below.

Changes to the Sentra for 2010 include a slightly revised front and rear end, although we can only see the changes to the front, which has a new grille and lower-bumper treatment. Wheel covers and alloy wheels are also new for 2010. Inside, nothing has changed.

Nissan has changed some of its option packages and added a tech and navigation package for the SL. Again, a full price breakdown of option packages is below, along with a few more photos of the 2010 model and how it compares with the 2009.


2010 Nissan Sentra

2009 Nissan Sentra
Sentra2 Sentra3

By David Thomas | August 12, 2009 | Comments (12)



i think the old "waffle iron" grille looked better..rear looks exactly the same!

Doug G

The Nissan Sentra does not stack up well against the Civic, Mazda 3, Focus, or just about any other entry level sedan.

It's like they are aiming to outdo the corolla in mediocrity...


good to see that stability control is available. this vehicle REALLY needed it. now, i wonder if it will be available on the base trim line.

they should add rear disc brakes as well.

the front looks more like the altima and less like the old maxima now.

in terms of "mediocrity," the Sentra may not be the most fun to drive, but it is one of the more efficient compact sedans and has the best interior fit-and finish of them all (unless you count the Jetta as a compact).


I think the author of this blog needs to go back and read the full press release. The interior has a number of enhancements, including an integrated navigation system for $400. Go to Autoblog if you want the real scoop.


is that a Garmin Navi for the $400? Like in the Suzuki SX4?


I doubt it's a garmin. If you look at the interior picture above at the 4.3 display audio, I'd hate to think they put a non-integrated navi system in it.


Drove one of these a few years ago and hated the CVT transmission. I would buy a Corolla over a Sentra any day.


Honey, I just shrunk the Altima.


If so-called "mediocrity" is going to help Nissan sell Sentras in numbers closer to the sales leaders like the Corolla, then I can understand their direction.

The Corolla, like every other Toyota sells not to appease the enthusiast, but to appease the average everyday buyer looking for quality, reliable transportation. Toyota knows it's market well and every product they put down usually lands smack dab in the middle, performance-wise but makes up for it in build quality, materials and overall relibility. May not be the most exciting car to drive, but if it goes 300k like a typical Toyota product, then it will find its usual non-enthusiast buyers in droves.

It's cars like the Corolla that other makers wish they had in their portfolio because it brings first time buyers to the Toyota family and brings steady (not big) profits to a segment not known for high margins.


Yet, the Corolla even with Matrix sale combined, still got beaten by the Civic the past 2 months.

sentra lover

I have no idea why you guys are bashing the nissan sentra. I love that car and will lease another one. I leased an '08 nissan sentra back in '07 and had key less ignition, key less entry to all doors and trunk, as well an integrated bluetooth and cvt for smooth transmission driving on a basic model of the sentra (SL), not SL or SER models. Notce how the ugly civic and borrng corolla did not have those features

sentra lover


the model I had was the 2.0S, not SL

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