What Would You Think of a Guy Who Drove This?

Cars.com had a question for the women at the 2009 Taste of Chicago festival: What would you think of a guy who picked you up for a date in this car? Ranging from a minivan to a Smart ForTwo, our examples spurred a lot of heated discussion about what a guy’s car says about him on that first date. Also, the words “Italian stallion” are dropped in this video. Now you have to watch it just to find out the context, right?

By Stephen Markley | July 22, 2009 | Comments (7)
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Just shows how superficial women can be.

Doug G

Would have been much more interesting to do things like sedans or compacts from various manufacturers, just to compare styling across brands, rather than a hodge-podge of strange cars (sprinter van, tricycle, smart car, etc.)


Funny stuff.

I agree with GR though.
Although with guys, just replace cars with faces in this video and you'll get the same or similar responses. Hah.


Anyone driving a minivan I consider sensible,easygoing and trustworthy.A minivan is not a racer,not a sports car or an off roader,but its the best of numerous vehicles.Good gas mileage,smooth ride,lots of space,no longer than a Chevy Cavalier,long lasting,and Chrysler has been making them for 25 years.I would consider that a wise choice and a wise,smart buyer/consumer.Who cares what the female gender thinks?


They think they borrowed every single car. Thanks.


Interesting how superficial many of the people are but I am guessing the easy going ones did not make the cut. In college I had a hand me down LeSabre which was all I could afford. It was comfortable, clean and reliable but not exciting. Glad my wife was not that shallow.

Why would you show the HHR as a panel van? No wonder they would not like it, might as we show up in a commercial Econoline. I would have been much more curious what they said with the regular version that people not businesses actually drive.


LOL @ the smart fortwo comments... my buddy is 6'4" and fits comfortably in the car. I'm 5' 10" and I have to bring the seat forward.

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