Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: June 2009


In June, we saw overall car sales rebound slightly from months of economic slowdown. However, June 2008 was when sales started to plummet, which makes the year-over-year difference with June 2009 numbers look more positive. So the fact that Ford saw sales tick down just 10% isn’t as great as it may sound. On the flip side, Honda’s and Toyota’s 30% sales dive isn’t necessarily as bad as it looks due to huge spikes in sales of their popular, fuel-efficient models last June.

Overall, the top 10 list didn’t change much from recent months. The biggest news is that the Dodge Ram is off the list despite being recently redesigned. Even the Honda Odyssey outsold it (though it didn’t make the top 10 either).  

Ford has the most vehicles on the list with three, including the returning champion F-Series trucks. The Fusion sedan is back for another month, and the Escape SUV returns as well.

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: June 2009

  • Ford F-Series: 35,915
  • Toyota Camry: 26,394
  • Chevy Silverado: 24,766
  • Honda Accord: 23,995
  • Honda Civic: 20,954
  • Toyota Corolla: 19,935
  • Ford Fusion: 18,561
  • Nissan Altima: 16,350
  • Ford Escape: 15,385
  • Chevy Impala: 14,931
By David Thomas | July 1, 2009 | Comments (39)


Dave Wuss

Dave T,
Is there any way of seeing the numbers w/o counting Fleet sales? I'd be curious to see what would replace the Fusion, Altima, Escape or Impala if Fleet sales were deducted.

They don't generally break them out. i believe JD Power does after the fact. All the domestics are reporting huge decreases in fleet sales. Chrysler -95% basically because they had no production.


Dave W.,
Don't forget the camry, which is becoming quite the fleet princess. I have seen more of them at Enterprise and Toyota rental than I have ever seen Escapes or Fusion- although I am not sure about hertz.

BTW- I say this because I pass two enterprises on the way to work and then another two on the way from work to school. I have never seen a fusion or escape at any of them. I have seen quite a few camry's- though most of the cars that I see arent on this list: G6, PT cruiser, sonata, accent, sportage, maxima, jetta, town car and grand marquis. I rented a camry and a mariner from hertz last year.

Dave Wuss

Let me get this straight, because YOU have seen more Camry's then Escape's or Fusion's at TWO rental car locations on the way home and TWO on the to work the Camry is now a "fleet princess"?

The $64,000 question is what is more stupid You or the statement you made? I don't know but it's awfully close. Here's a piece of advice - Stay in school.


Looks like somebody is a Toyota fan. I'm actually really surprised that the F-Series is on the top of the list. You'd think that with the way gas prices are going, it'd be lower on the list.


Are the leased cars included in this list? Maybe is the reason a lot of trucks are in the top seller list... business which lease their vehicles have to change them every 3 years.

In my region rental Camrys are very popular, not a problem at all. Cool cars for grannies.


actually, the Camry does have a large amount of rental sales. look in the used section of this site, and the majority of 07-09 camrys you will find were rentals or corporate fleet leases of some kind.

same goes for the Sonata, Santa Fe, Escape, Impala, Malibu, Altima, Maxima, Murano and G6 though.

Eric W

I also have been seeing a large amount of camry's at rental lots recently


I read on a GM blog that 90% of Camry sales are to rental car companies. The Camry hybrid can't sell as well as the Malibu hybrid does. It's better than both the Fusion hybrid and Prius. Chevy has a winner in the Malibu hybrid, too bad there's a one year wait.


@Dan: thats full of sarcasm right?

@Stellar: It doesn't surpise me at all the F-150 is on top of the list. Like someone else said first: fleet sales. JD Power doesn't separate them out. What we aren't seeing though is that these are the low end, base edition and that the profit margins on them are thin thin thin. Fleet buyers have a whole other list of criteria on their minds when buying their cars compared to consumers. Suddenly, parts availability, the service time situation, and overall operating costs take a massive front seat situation. And not just fuel economy, but even horsepower, the audio system and ride quality all take a back seat.

The only time they'd worry about horsepower is when they'd need the bigger engine and transmission package to get the payload and towing capacity they needed for the job. Also, fleets CHURN through vehicles. Some companies will buy replacement trucks every two years, some even sooner.

Original sheth

"On the flip side, Honda’s and Toyota’s 30% sales dive isn’t necessarily as bad as it looks due to huge spikes in sales of their popular, fuel-efficient models last June."

How many times are we going to read these excuses? You cannot be a source of objective journalism when you qualify poor performances by certain automakers. EVERY automaker can offer some explanation for poor results. The industry compares monthly sales year to year. Its the same rules for everyone. GM can say Ford's results look better because Ford had a worse month than GM in June 2008. That would be true but its really irrelevant. At what point can we just say Toyota and Honda are not doing well this year? All automakers are seeing sales of their small cars drop. Cobalt sales were down 67% from June 2008 so if you are going to excuse Toyota's results you might as well excuse everyone's.

Dave Wuss:

Import brands are picking up the fleet slack. Hyundai, Kia and Toyota are doing heavy fleet business. GM and Chrysler have cut back on fleet sales significantly.

Original sheth

One more thing:

Declines at Toyota are nearly across the board and Prius sales were UP so saying Toyota's results look bad because of low gas prices relative to 2008 is a crock. Tundra and SUV sales were terrible in June for Toyota. The Camry is way down even though the Fusion is doing well so I wouldn't go so far as to say midsize sedan sales are plummeting due to low gas prices. The only Toyota model that is clearly suffering due to lower gas prices is the Corolla- but so are all compacts.

Dave Wuss

Sales to Fleets:
Honda .05%
Toyota 1.6%
Chrysler 26%
Ford 33.2%
GM 35%

JD Power & Associates confirm GM is still the leader for Fleeet sales. GM has cancelled the production of the 2010 Malibu Hybrid due to lack of interest. Because GM has a glut of 2009 Malibu Hybrids they will allocate them to fleet operations.

GM is such a winner.


Thank you Dave for spelling out the fleet sale percentages. The reason the malibu and impala have taken a sales hit lately is because fleet purchases are down. Camry fleet sales are very low in comparison to other brands.

OS - Blah Blah Blah - go back to work.

Original sheth

Dave Wuss:

Wrong AGAIN. GMs fleet sales were 18% last month.

Are you ever correct? What is Toyota's CURRENT fleet sales rate? Let me know. Why don't you provide a link? Toyota sells significant numbers of Camrys, Corollas and Prius' to fleets. Siennas too.


Perhaps Toyota should try to get MORE fleet sales for Camry. Sales were off like 40% last month.

Original sheth


Ziggy you are so gullible as long as someone is trashing American brands. When has Dave Wuss EVER provided a link for ANYTHING? You should know better.

Original sheth

Once again the Altima has been outsold by Fusion- I think this is 3rd straight month. That is very significant because the 3 Japanese sedans have been 1,2,3 for years now. LOoks like the Fusion can break into that top 3 by the end of 2009 unless Nissan piles on more incentives.


I just rented a car last week, I wish they have a Camry, but they don't. I saw Fusion, but no Escape. (I don't care about Escape anyway)

BTW, what happened to the Corolla/Matrix? Got kicked ass by the Civic.


The JD Power & Associates fleet sales information that I read was for annual figures not monthly. I can only assume that's what Dave W meant. OS while I agree with many of your posts you are very insecure.

Original sheth


Not at all. JD Power numbers with no link and no reference to the date are useless. Not sure whats "insecure" about me pointing that out. I would assume those figured are several years old because there is no way Toyota only has 1.5% of its sales going to fleets in 2009. If someone can post recent stats we can see for sure.

Dave Wuss

Dave Thomas dope-slapped you on your erroneous fact about the Venza not being designed in the USA. (It was designed in CA)

R12 dope-slapped you about your erroneous fact about the Japanese not designing or building any engines or transmissions in the USA (Honda's largest engine factory is in OH).

I won't point out the countless other times I've dope-slapped you. Get an education, save your pennies and perhaps some day you'll be able to afford a true American car like the Toyota Camry. Given your limited earning potential it would have to be used of course.

Buy American, Hire American, Tough Times Don't Last Only Tough Guys Do, The Toyota Camry Is The #1 American Made Vehicle.

Original sheth

Dave Wuss:

I am too old to understand juvenile expressions like "dope slapped" but I assure you I never said Toyota didnt design the Venza in the US. I said most import vehicles are designed in their home countries. Dave T loves the Venza and decided to note that it was designed in the US. I never said otherwise.

Never said no Japanese engines are made in the US. Care to offer any quotes to the contrary? I said most engineering is done overseas. Engineering is not the same as assembly.

Still waiting for that link to the JD Power data. Based on your ramblings above I think its safe to assume that wont be forthcoming. I'm pretty sure the link I provided "dope slapped" your faulty data on GM's fleet sales. What say you?


Dave Wuss,

You are the only commenter on here who regularly resorts to name-calling and petty insults. It's rude, offensive and uncalled for. Grow up or stop commenting.


Dave W.
Yes, in my opinion, if I see certain cars on rental lots 5 days a week that shows a trend in my eyes and I know the four locations that I pass are not unique. I stated that the camry is "becoming" a fleet princess - show me any indication that it is not.

Also, for the record, read ANY of my prior posts on here relating to rentals and fleet sales- I don't think there is anything wrong with rental cars- they have to come from somewhere; I mentioned the camry since you listed all those other cars yet left off a big one.



The problem wit OS is that he continually puts down the "opinion" of others if that opinion does not agree with his. If Dave feels that the Camry is the greatest car around - so be it. If you notice his posts - they are not just general comments but responses to others' comments. He has to prove he is right and that others are wrong - over and over and over again. Definately a sheth-head.

Jay witaczk

Toyota Camry is an American car?!?!

Toyota and Honda still import 50% of their cars. And even those cars they build or make in the US still make profits for Toyota and get taxed in Japan.

Even an American car made in Mexico or wherever still makes profit for that American company and gets taxed in the US. Not to mention,

Buy or support whatever you like...just don't try kidding yourself or anyone else that your purchase of a foreign car is actually helping the US out. It isn't and our president hasn't stressed the importance of supporting our car companies because it wasn't important.


"our president hasn't stressed the importance of supporting our car companies because it wasn't important."

Words mean nothing when NISSAN gets $1.6B in government money to develop alternative fuel vehicles.

How exactly does that support US manufacturers?


Why the heck are Americans continuing to screw their own country by buying foreign cars? When you buy that car, the profit goes overseas. Americans are the ones that are killing the economy, jobs and the future business of the US. So, keep on buying foreign and see if you have a job in a few years.

BTW, the Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion are excellent vehicles and much better than the Camry (which is way over rated).


Hey Mr. Intelligent the Fusion is built in Mexico. I guess that's Ford's way of supporting US workers.

Jay Witaczk


Toyota and Honda import 50% of their cars. 0% of their profits are taxed in the US.

Ford, GM, Chrysler not only make the cars they sell in the US with American workers for the most part...they actually export cars made in the US. 100% of the cars they sell are taxed in the US.

Please tell me which greatly benefits our country and which doesn't?

No more deflecting about how Ford makes some parts or some cars in Mexico.

Original sheth


Honda imports far less than Toyota. Toyota imports about 40% of its NA volume from Japan. Honda primarily imports a few luxury models and the Fit. Most Hondas sold here are built here- that doesn't mean they are designed here though.

I really enjoyed reading this post… well thought out and written. Thank you.


I think those of you concerned about fleet sales inflating sales figures need to open your eyes. I regularly rent cars and I'm seeing a lot more Camrys and Accords in rental fleets, and enough Chryslers to make me wonder if they are selling anything to retail buyers.

I really loved your post. As ford fan, i can say F-Series is best out of that.

Wonder how all of the Toyota recalls are going to effect their models on this list for 2010. All of our local auto dealers have been doing heavy marketing to try to maintain their image.

Wonder how all of the Toyota recalls are going to effect their models on this list for 2010. All of our local auto dealers have been doing heavy marketing to try to maintain their image.

Nevermind, just saw the most recent list and the Toyota Camry has fallen 3 spots.

I like the sync feature, and honestly don't know all the options available to all the cars, but the bulk of these 4 door family sedans (and the 1/2 ton pickups) are purchase more towards the value end of the range.F-150 is on top. When we include fleet sales. thanks for the great info share with us.

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