Survey: Favorable Views of Ford, Not GM or Chrysler

FordTaurus A recent survey from Rasmussen Reports found that as the only automaker to not ask for government assistance, Ford earned a highly favorable view from the public. Predictably, GM and Chrysler are not thought of with as much affection.

Of the 66% of people who viewed Ford somewhat favorably, 22% thought of it very favorably. Compare this with 38% who think favorably of GM and just 9% who think of it very favorably. Chrysler had similar numbers, with 34% viewing it somewhat favorably. Both GM and Chrysler’s numbers are down since the same poll was conducted in May, while Ford has stayed the same.

How could this affect sales? Of those polled, 46% said they were more likely to buy a Ford because it didn’t ask for government help, while just 17% said they are more likely to buy a car from GM post-bankruptcy and 22% said they are less likely.

Polls like this should always be taken with a big grain of salt, though, because they often include contradictory feelings within people. For instance, 60% of those polled thought the auto bailouts were a bad idea, yet a whopping 82% said the domestic auto industry was important to the economy, and 40% said it was very important.

Ford Favorables Hold Steady, GM, Chrysler Down (Rasmussen Reports)


Doug G

"For instance, 60% of those polled thought the auto bailouts were a bad idea, yet a whopping 82% said the domestic auto industry was important to the economy, and 40% said it was very important."

These aren't necessarily contradictory feelings...


All the folks that have 3 GM cars sitting in their driveway, or have owned nothing but GM will still buy GM - same with Chrysler. That won't change. But you can't help but expect those folks on the fence to have some bad feelings towards companies that have taken the bailout/bankruptcy route.


Then there's those like me that have zero confidence in buying American. So for the last 22 years all my car purchases have been foreign made.


I still hate Fords with a passion because I believe their engine designs are filled with stupidity and very little common sense (even though some are reliable compared to others), but blast it all I really like how their cars and trucks are turning out style-wise.


I am interested in hearing whats engineeringly 'stupid' about Ford engines. I think all car makers are stupid in some way. Nothing of this is no surprise. I won't be buying Dodge again because they don't have something really fuel efficent and my favorite family dealer got booted. Luckily he has a Hyundai dealership too.


Why can't we stop taking these surveys and just move on .. we should buy whatever cars we want as long as they are high quality .. who cares what company makes them. The only reason Ford didn't take government loans is because their CEO was smart enough to secure loans before the economy downturn began. If it wasn't for these loans, they too would be getting government bailout at this time. Why are we so harsh on GM and Chrylser for taking government loans when Toyota has received aid from their government?? I think people in foreign countries are more sympathetic to their auto companies.

Dave Wuss

Toyota may have received loans from the Japanese government however the last time I checked I live in the United States and pay US taxes. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Ford or Toyota but I wouldn't seriously consider a GM vehicle. I don't believe in rewarding poorly run companies who make inferior products.


In my opinion the issue isn't about the car companies but rather the future of manufacturing in the states. The Japanese led the way in quality control and that wasn't lost on the Koreans. Rather than improve our standards we made trucks because the profits were fat and competitors focused mainly on cars. A prime example might be Ford giving up on the Taurus back in the 80's. American mentality seems to be build it cheaper not necessarily better. Instead of looking for creative ways to improve their products the new business model is outsourcing, anybody familiar with that? Think it can't happen... doubters may remember brands like RCA, Zenith, Magnavox? Well they're all gone, left our shores a generation ago. Our car companies may be next.


dave w,

either you completely missed his point or chose to ignore it because you didn't want to acknowledge the fact that an all powerful, all knowing foreign automaker like toyota had to seek help from its government due to this GLOBAL economic slowdown.

honestly it's not surprising that toyota and gm would need help when global auto sales slow dramatically in a short period of time. these are both huge companies that have tremendous capacity. a quick depression in global auto sales would have immediate affects on either company, regardless of management.


How is Toyota a well-run company when it's losing billions in the US and had invested in full-size trucks at the time when truck sales were starting to tumble? The big 3 only build trucks and SUVs because the American public wants it ... besides, if not for these trucks, how do you expect them to make money on cars when they pay $70-80/hour to union workers versus $40/hour for workers at a foreign auto company. Plus, the big 3 and other US manufacturers are at a competitive disadvantage when there is no nationalized health care that other foreign companies enjoy. Give every company an equal footing to compete and then compare them on a equal basis.

Dave Wuss

Do your homework. Toyota discussed a potential loan from the Japanese government however they never applied as worldwide sales have rebounded for them.
Do you have a high school degree? Your use of words and structuring of sentences are among the worst I've ever read.

Attention my fellow Americans: Now is the time to boycott GM (which now stands for "Government Motors," since the Feds now own a 60% share of GM thanks to "you know who") and we should also boycott Chrysler based upon all the help they received from our government as well. It is highly imperative that we fight government acquisitions, since the government has no business taking over private companies and attempting to run them, otherwise we will turn into a Socialistic country like some European country! Do you think our government knows how to run anything well? The Obama Administration
had appointed a new CEO to run GM who is under the age of 30 and he never was in the car business!! It is my understanding that he knew nothing about cars when he took over GM. The government had closed an Ohio dealership, which had been in the top 10 of sales leaders of all GM dealers in the nation. Does that make sense to you? Or how about the Obama Adminstration closing down all those Chrysler dealerships, which were all somehow connected in providing
political campaign contributions to the Republican Party, while the dealers who supported the Democrats were allow to remain in business? The former CEO of Chrysler made a statement that it didn't make sense to him to close dealerships when a car company is attempting to sell cars!

It was bad enough that our government had to take over the banking giants like Bank of America and Citicorp along with flooding the insurance giant, AIG, with all those billions!!
We don't need an unfavorable playing field between GM and Ford, with GM potentially getting more taxpayer subsidies down the road, which is simply not fair. If Ford doesn't receive adequate support, they could go out business too, or will the Feds take over Ford as well if that happened? How much more governmental intervention can one stand?? We need to send a strong message to the Feds that the people will not stand for government intervention.

I urge everyone considering to buy a new car or truck to purchase a new Ford, if possible (as a full disclosure, I don't work for Ford, nor do I own any of their stock). There will still be a huge segment of folks buying foreign cars, so at least they won't be throwning any support to GM, but it would be nice to see many of them supporting a true American company like Ford that isn't run by our government.

I implore everyone that is considered to be a true Patriotic American who is reading this post to refrain from any GM car purchases. We need to take back our country before Capitalism is forever gone. Remember that Capitalism had made our country the best and most properous country on earth!!


"How is Toyota a well-run company when it's losing billions in the US and had invested in full-size trucks at the time when truck sales were starting to tumble? The big 3 only build trucks and SUVs because the American public wants it ..."

Wow. Business 101 doesn't come easily to some folks evidently.

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