Not So Fast: GM Not Sold on Pontiac G8 as a Chevy


Buzz around the internet the past 24 hours has made it sound like GM had decided to save its Pontiac G8 rear-wheel-drive sport sedan by remaking it as a Chevy and calling it the Caprice.

However, the company says it’s only exploring that as an option, and we’ve confirmed with GM that this is indeed just a possibility, not a definite product plan. In fact, the company had a canned answer ready to go: “As part of its reinvention, General Motors is exploring every opportunity of effectively utilizing its global portfolio of vehicles, facilities and talent. While this exploration includes the possibility of extending imports of Holden vehicles (such as the recent Pontiac G8) to North America, no decision has been made at this time.”

The thinking behind such a move is two-fold: GM would like to have a car it could sell to fleets as police squad cars, and it would also like a larger sedan in its lineup that is more modern than the still strong-selling Impala, which is itself in need of a redesign.



Anything that keeps it from morphing into the Chevy proposal I saw is a welcome development. If they're going to make it that ugly they may as well kill it.


Why don't they just use this car to replace the Impala. Save on cost of redesign.

worst 3

I would like it to replace the impala but they wont, impala sells well good part do to being a fleet car. so they wont change that especially if it to rwd sports SEDAN something there not looking for a fleet car

jay eff

CAPRICE, that HAS to be one of the ugliest names for a car in auotmotive history. Sounds like that mean old cafeteria lady nobody liked.


Yea calling this car the Caprice might actually hurt sells even more. The old caprice was, not sure what it was exactly, but it was a big car and no-where near sports car status.


it's called "Lumina" in the middle east...dunno if that name would go over well here...which do u prefer???


Thought they promised to listen to the customers.
Customers wanted it to survive, GM has other plans?

Chevy had a Lumina back in the '90s...(Grandfather used to drive one)...

I don't know what should happen to the G8, but hopefully (for their own benefit) GM can find a way to keep it.

john martin

Take that G8 sport truck and give us an El Camino

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