Minnesota TV Station Details Cash for Clunkers Pandemonium

In this video, a Minneapolis news station takes on the Cash for Clunkers program from a local perspective. It’s one of the most detailed looks at what dealers are going through with this program. One Honda dealership stayed open until midnight Monday to accommodate lines of customers wanting to take advantage of the program.

The report also shows the 20 pages or so of paperwork required for each vehicle to get processed through the program. One dealer perfectly illustrates the problem, saying “I hate to complain, but…”

Basically, they’re happy for the business, but not happy for the headaches attached.

At the end of the broadcast, the newscaster postulates that at the rate of business witnessed in the report, the $1 billion in funds for Cash for Clunkers could be gone much sooner than the program’s Nov. 1 end date.
By David Thomas | July 29, 2009 | Comments (1)


So dealers are complaining because they arent getting their free money from the government fast enough on all the free business that they did nothing to earn?

Must be rough. From the customers Ive talked to, customer service has gone out the window because of this program. Dealers are getting greedy. They want our tax dollars and they want to eat it too.

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