GM 72-Hour Sale: 0% for 72 Months

Maybe GM’s math skills got them into the trouble they’re in. Their just announced 72-hour sale starts today and runs through July 6, which is 144 hours by our count. Maybe they wanted to tie the sale name in with the sale terms, namely 0% financing for 72 months on select models for those buyers who qualify.

Included 2009 and 2010 models in the 0% for 72-months term are: Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra regular, extended and crew cab light-duty pickups; Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL SUVs; Chevrolet Impala; and the Pontiac Vibe, G3, G5, G6 and G8.

Other models have separate incentives you can find here.



So basically it's everything they can't sell.

Dave Wuss

I was thinking the same thing. Too bad Fritz didn't step-up to the plate and apply it to all of their models.


I believe if GM were to organize in a real BK, the cars they would build would be better. Fold this fake bankruptcy, let GM organize normal. We goning to loose 100's of billions either way, so why not let GM start fresh, rebuid from bottom up. Remember, GM was lossing billions back before 2007 when the market was great. Please use bankruptcy to clean the slate, otherwise we and GM loose.

Dave Wuss

Americans actually gain as it'll remove a tax-payer burden, one that turns out sub-par vehicles that leads the industry in the lowest resale value. Since a vehicle is the second most expensive investment you'll ever make, why buy something that retains so little value? GM going under is the best thing for America as it'll put more drivers into the seats of Subaru, Honda, Ford, and Toyota. Americans deserve quality.


In the end no car retains value. Its the value you get someone else to pay for. With all brands becoming slowly equal in quality the resale value quotient should equalizes too. But eventually all cars become less than or equal to the value of scrap.


I think GM got it right with the math on the 72 hour sale. Yes, 6 days at 24hrs/day = 144 but most dealerships are more likely to only be open 12 hours a day. So 6 days at 12 hours per day = 72 hour sale. Don't always be so quick to judge. If I can get a new car at 0% over six years it allows me to buy something I normally couldn't get right now, that is great for me. It also helps the economy to move a little in the right direction and keeps more money here in America. Bring back pride in American made and American made will get better.

Obama is the one who will kill the industry

Good Job Obama. Make the "cash for clunkers" program good for foreign vehicles. Great way to ship US money overseas.


Should be 72 hours. Since July 4 is on Saturday, they might be thinking that July 3 is a day to close. So the math goes like July 1 + July 2 + July 6. (July 4 and July 5 are weekend days)

24 hours + 24 hours + 24 hours =72 hours


Or, maybe they only open 12 hours for 6 days straight.
6 x 12 hours = 72 hours


If GM can hold off the courts until July 10th, they will be able to get out of the grip of the US . The Treasury says they will pull out and allow GM to reorganize outside of Uncle Sam. Let’s all prey GM can shed government involment, and restructure without Treasury,s hooks.

NY Buyer

Great 72 hour sale!! Too bad EVERY single dealer in the NY area is either shuttered up or closed for the weekend. GM has great idea for saving itself - spend a fortune on advertising and hope someone beleives the hype. I guess they have so many people lining up at their doors with cash in hand that they can afford to take a nide relaxing weekend. GM, reap what you sow.


Don't blame Obama if joe sixpack won't buy an American car. It's a free country buy what you want, me I'm buying a new HHR SS it'll blow the doors off any foreign junk. I also served my country in combat unlike some so called patriots.

Dave Wuss

Thank you for serving our country but do yourself a favor and buy a used HHR SS. You'll save thousands of dollars over a new one and you won't be able to tell the difference. The HHR is an impressive car - quiet, good gas mileage, good fit and finish, and great carrying capability. GM got that one right however don't get too upset when you get smoked by "foreign junk" such as the Camry V6. That engine in that car is a real sleeper. Thanks again for serving!


Uhh I think its absolutely ridiculous the person who made this article never thought that you cant buy a Vehicle from a gm dealer at 3 a.m., 72 hour sale meaning actual hours the dealers are open. DUH. Know its old but come on, these people vote.

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