Ford Explorer Sport Trac, Mercury Mountaineer Not Dead Yet


Earlier this week, online stories started popping up declaring that Ford was dropping its Explorer Sport Trac pickup and Mercury Mountaineer SUV. Theoretically, when the next-generation Explorer moves to a crossover platform instead of an SUV platform, these two spinoffs won’t be making the transition. Or so the stories said.

We contacted Ford, and it stuck by the industry standby: “We don’t comment on future product.” Jay Ward, Ford’s communications manager for crossovers and SUVs, said the other stories were purely speculation. Ward wouldn’t even let me speculate that both vehicles could continue on as-is after the Explorer unibody launches.

The only time frame for the Explorer that Ward would divulge was that the world would “see” it in 2010. Whether that means we won’t see it until a 2010 auto show — like the Detroit auto show in January — or that it will go on sale in 2010, he wouldn’t clarify.

It’s likely both would be the case, though, with an auto show debut in early 2010 and production starting late in the year.

Ford has also stood behind its Mercury brand, and it could create a Mountaineer version of the new Explorer, which wasn’t addressed in the other stories. Ford recently rolled out the Lincoln MKT, based on the same platform as the Ford Flex, so there’s very recent precedent for even the latest products to reach across brands.

For the practical purposes of car shoppers, new 2010 Mercury Mountaineers and Ford Explorer Sport Tracs are being built and are on sale now.  

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By David Thomas | July 29, 2009 | Comments (4)
Tags: Ford, Mercury



Same kind of crappy response when I inquired about the Ford Fusion's drivetrain origin.


They dont comment on future product because they dont want to create an instant "orphaned" nameplate.Any comment that may kill sales of the current model would be a bad move on their part.If you knew Vega was going to be dropped in 1977 would you buy one? If you knew Pinto would breathe its last for 1980,would you buy a new one? I think most would wait until the new model came along.Unless there was serious discounting going on with the old,soon to be departed line.So,best for any company to remain hush-hush.


not necessarily true, Paul. They told us that they would discontinue the Merc Sable & Ford Taurus X.

they sold 5,219 explorers in June (a fraction of which are sport tracs, think max 20% more likely 10%) and 430 Mountaineers.

I don't think those numbers would be impacted by them announcing they were dead. In fact, maybe like the Pontiac G8 they would get a boost.

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