EPA Rates 2010 Subaru Outback at 29 MPG on Highway

2010_outback Subaru is talking up the EPA’s gas mileage estimates for the 2010 Subaru Outback, and with good reason. The 2010 Outback manages an impressive 29 mpg on the highway, 22 mpg in the city and 24 mpg combined, all with all-wheel drive standard.

That puts it ahead of most SUV competitors and pricier AWD wagons from Audi and Volvo, and Subaru says it managed to do so while increasing interior room 7%. Credit the 170-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer engine and Lineartronic continuously variable automatic transmission.

Add to that a starting price of $22,995 (not including destination), and Subaru has a pretty cost-effective option. Full mileage ratings for all three powertrains are listed after the jump.

2010 EPA Fuel Economy Ratings
Outback 2.5i 6MT: 19/27 mpg city/highway, 22 mpg combined
Outback 2.5i CVT: 22/29 mpg city/highway, 24 mpg combined
Outback 3.6R 5AT: 18/25 mpg city/highway, 20 mpg combined

By Stephen Markley | July 2, 2009 | Comments (20)


Ben Miner

Subaru... where's the diesel?


so what? a chevy equinox get 32 mpg on the highway, doesn't make you pay the extra for the CVT (cause it doesn't have one), has more room, and has more HP! and way better MPG. Yes, no AWD, but there are really very, very few people who need that.


The Subaru is much higher quality than the Chevy so much so that the Chevy requires an internal noise-cancellation system. That's not quality that's a cover-up.



perhaps very few people "need" AWD; however, if you come to New England you will see Subies all over the place. They sell very well up here. AWD is a rather expensive way to avoid having to put snow tires on and off regularly and still get you out of deep snow. unfortunately some people don't understand the limitations of AWD without snow tires and still get themselves into ditches.

regardless, AWD is popular over here and Subaru is clearly trying not to ruin its popularity by staying as much as it can on top of the MPG game. I say it's about time because there are AWD offerings from other makers that get better mileage.


I have had Subaru's for two years, all manual transmissions, they have NOT improved the mileage on them, and ought to have done it. Why are they NOT introducing the diesel they have had in Europe for the past few years. I'm a better drive with a manual transmission and I want better mpg's, not the same as in the past. I can get 30+ mpg's with my 2005 Outback and I can keep it, but I was looking forward to getting a new one this year. They HAVE NOT did anything for us manual transmission lovers. Disappointed is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings.


Why would anyone think 29 mpg on the hwy is good.
I have a 1995 Saab 9000 aero, 2.3 turbo, 225 hp, 5 speed. It has over 180k on the clock. I average real world hwy milage of 34 mpg and I have a giant, safe, rocket ship!
My wife drives a 03 Saab Aero wagon with a 2.3 turbo and automatic transmition. With 250 hp she only gets 32 mpg on the hwy. And they do just fine in the snow.


Idiots everywhere...
That Equinox is rated at 24 on the highway, so great job getting 32.... It's rating is only 5 behind the much nicer outback. Saab aero guy is rated to get 26..... I love the numbers people "get" in their cars.... Jeesh.....

Good job Subaru. If only you could throw in break away rear view mirrors.... like you used to!


Regarding why Subaru isn't bringing the diesel version to the U.S. - it's too expensive. The required particulate filter would add at least $1500 to the cost of the car, according to Subaru. Add to that the other upcharges for a diesel engine and related equipment and the numbers don't work during a period of cheap gasoline. Congrats to Subaru for achieving 29 mpg in the Outback.


If the darned boxer engine was that good,why isnt everyone using it? VW and its original Beetle made the layout legendary,but they dumped it when they went watercooled (if you dont count the horrid Wasserboxer Vanagon).A lot of mechanics wont touch the things because of their weirdness,and dont even mention the rapid brake wear and head gasket/frequent plug wire failures.

subarus routinely get well over 200,000 miles with extremely little in the way of maintenance. mechanics love them because they are simple and sturdy. several years they had head gasket issues. never heard of plug wire or break issues, nor have i had any.
last two subarus = a total of 460,000 miles traveled and the current one is still running strong.


I have a 2010 Outback with the CVT transmission and have averaged 27 MPG in combined driving (mostly city). Today's EPA gas figures tend to underestimate real world mileage (as opposed to the older figures that did the opposite). I have Subarus in the past and found them basically bulletproof mechanically.


I have a new 2010 Outback diesel (I live in Australia). The fuel economy is amazing - so far 7.6L/100Km around town (The online converter says that's 31 US MPG). I haven't taken it for a run on the highway yet. The diesels have particulate filters that conform to Euro and australian standards - I'm not sure why the US would be much tougher. We get Japanese cars and the Subys here have a reputation as one of the toughest cars you can buy.
The only minor complaint I have with the diesel is it's lacking much torque until you get up to around 1800rpm, then it will give you a push in the back as the turbo cuts in. Also, there's no automatic yet.


The flat "Subaru Boxer" engine is from an aircraft design. It is an ingenious design that took many years to perfect. There are many reasons that the Subaru all wheel drive is very very good for almost all driving situations. The deceptive GM advertising does not tell you the whole story...My mechanic and others tell me the Subaru is their favorite vehicle to work-on and in the mountains of Colorado you will find many old Subaru's with over 300K on them still working hard...


The boxer engine is yes,a copy of airplane engine layouts....from the 1930s.The first of the German/Hitler/Porsche Beetle (KDF Wagen) prototypes were boxers.I wonder why nobody else uses them still.VW's whole existance relied on them up until the early 1970s,yet Mazda (the Rotary kings),Toyota (the recall kings),and everyone else but Subaru steers clear of them.Makes one wonder why.If they are clean,long lasting,high HP,high MPG engines,everybody should be making them.Heck,the technology rich Prius should have had a flat 4 as a must.....
Ever seen a late 70s,mid 80s Subaru with their 3 main bearing engine knock when the clutch pedal is released? Its because the force of compressing the pressure plate (with the pedal) side loads the crank and wipes out the thrust bearing.Yea,good design.


Porsche still uses boxer engines and always has. So do some BMW motorcycles. Are these junk? I think not.


I too wish the diesel boxer would come to the US. Join our Facebook page to show Subaru that there is demand for the diesel boxer in the US:


andy k

Hey, how about bringing over the Outback turbo diesel that won rave reviews i n Europe and Australia?


"so what? a chevy equinox get 32 mpg on the highway, doesn't make you pay the extra for the CVT (cause it doesn't have one), has more room, and has more HP! and way better MPG. Yes, no AWD, but there are really very, very few people who need that."

Obviously - doesn't live where I do. I wouldn't buy anything but an AWD.


I love boxer motors.
I own a 1995 legacy which now has 220,000 miles on the clock and it runs perfectly. I just wish the body cancer wasn't at stage 4.
BTW, I also have a boxer motor on my 1975 BMW r90/6 (900cc) motorcycle. It has about 190,000 miles now and still runs strong.
BMW motorcycles with the boxer motor have been made continuously since 1917 and are in BMW's most popular models, even today!
The Honda Goldwing touring motorcycle has had a boxer motor from day 1.
All Porsche 911's have always had a boxer motor.
Hey, just because Toyota (or Chevy) doesn't do it, doesn't mean it can't be done.
I too am waiting for the Subaru diesel. A Subaru rep told me 6 years ago that they were coming out with a diesel electric-hybrid Tribeca, but so far haven't heard anything else about that.
I'm still waiting for diesel motorcycles though...with boxer motors.


the reason not everyone uses the horizontally opposed engine is the same reason why subaru puts awd in every model they make, not just their upscale models like nissan (infiniti), honda (acura) and toyota (lexus) or as package oprions like the european makes do. its because subaru has taken years of time and development to perfect the flat four and the awd system to. some small aircraft mfrs today still use subaru powerplants because of their reliability, power and balance.

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