Date Cars: The Guys

Do men care what kind of car a woman drives? If she pulls up for your date in a Chevy Camaro, would that significantly impress you? Would a minivan be a deal-breaker? These are the kinds of burning questions we had, so we sent interns Emily Maters and Lauren Makholm to the 2009 Taste of Chicago festival to find out what men really think about their dates’ cars.

By Stephen Markley | July 27, 2009 | Comments (9)
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Can we have some down to the earth common cars??


The chick in the beater probably already owns a home whereas the others are strapped with car payments and rent.


I'd take the girl with the beater. she is probably decent with her money and have bigger fish to fry than have a nice looking automobile. Plus it means she probably isn't a rich brat.


Clunker-girl also probably knows how to work on cars. I'd marry her so she can work on my clunker.


Date the girl with the clunker and help her pick out a new car!!

Hello Cash 4 Clunkers!! lol

"I'd probably only go in the Miata...if the top was down."

Juan Carlos

but what if the guy shows up in the clunker? i think she will turn off her phone/lights/and not open the door!


I'd go for the clunker girl too. Easy maintenance and isn't preoccupied about her image, not a rich spoiled brat!


I imagine Daisy Duke in the beater. (=

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