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Ford keeps saying that the new Taurus is the most important new vehicle it’s launching this year. We’d argue the Fusion is probably the real meat and potatoes of the sedan market these days. Still, the full-size Taurus has been completely redesigned and senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder takes a crack at it. While he says its looks and performance are two steps forward, the loss of interior room is one step back.

2010 Ford Taurus Review

By David Thomas | July 17, 2009 | Comments (13)



I got a chance to inspect a 2010 Taurus SHO and was impressed with the styling and interior. Although I have to agree with the reviewer that the driver's seat lumbar is still too much, even when fully turned down. Suggestion for Ford: Make the seating engineers sit in their own designs for eight hours before approving the final design.

Although I wasn't able to drive it, the SHO horsepower output looks pretty good. The vehicle seems pricey but it comes with a good amount of standard equipment.

Question: Will the SHO be the highway patrol replacement cruiser for the Crown Vic when it goes away? I heard a Texas DPS trooper remark that it is under consideration since they have had not too good an experience with the Dodge Charger.


I do love this Incarnation of the Taurus, and just like you said, looks play a big factor in this market and that will most likely make up for the minor loss of space. a very well executed vehicle that i would love to own myself.

My only suggestion, get rid of the "dents" on the rear sides of the vehicle. Also, with the rear thats rounded like that could really transfer well if they added a wagon to the lineup. most deff would like to se a wagon out of this.


Another FWD pretender for the cops? The RWD Impala does not come in for high marks,as cops have always preferred RWD,so until Ford creates a RWD Vic replacement (this time call it Galaxie 500,will ya?) which isnt likely,the Charger will be the obvious performance champ.


Sorry,I meant FWD Impala.The last real Impala died a decade ago.


SHO for police? Not going to happen. Do police fill up with 93 octane-no.

Ford will likely use the 3.7 V6 for an 'interceptor'-see Lincoln MKS


In my city FWD Impala police cars far outnumber chargers. for everyday use I dont think there is a big difference between FWD and RWD. When the Impala first came out people had doubts that it would be widely accepted as a police cruiser but it worked out fine.


With an upsized engine and body, but a downsized interior and trunk, this Taurus seems a bit out of step with the latest thinking. I'm guessing it's not as easy on gas as the last one either, which is not a good idea at a time when folks are looking for more efficiency. I think the fate of this car in the market will hinge on the price of gas. If it stays cheap, the car will sell well IMO, because as the reviewer points out it's a nice looking car and much more interesting than the last generation.

Nelson Lu

The EcoBoost engine for the SHO accepts regular gas.

Here is the write-up of the lawn event at Larz Anderson Auto Museum this weekend. Ford made available one of the new 2010 Taurus along with Earl Lucus, the lead designer of the car:

Click on any of the images for a larger version.

“We Entertain When It Rains”

Original sheth


There is no upsized engine. The engine is unchanged from last year. Same applies to gas mileage. This car is slightly smaller than the last one but no less efficient.


I think the real issue for this Taurus and other cars to come is if can come without a console and with a column Shifter. Police cars need the console space to mount radios, laaptops and other hi tech items. Consoles make that very difficult. Does anyone know if the Taurus was designed to have a shifter ont he column?


The review says the 2010 Taurus is longer than the 09 model, but has less interior and trunk space. You're correct about the engine size - I misread the review. But they did add twin turbos for 2010, which will cut into mileage. I still like the car, but think that like the Accord and some of the other competition it must have been designed before the spike in gasoline prices, when everybody was cranking out larger family cars. It will be interesting to see how it does in the market.

Ford needs to keep building the Crown Vic, rear wheel drive/full frame is by far the best for policing. In my experience the Charger is too small and the Impala is twice as expensive to maintain as the Crown Vic.

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