BMW X1: First Look


During the Fourth of July holiday, BMW’s European arm — not shooting off fireworks — released information and oodles of images of its upcoming X1 crossover. Based on the 1 Series, this small, raised hatchback looks to compete with the Mini Cooper Clubman and Infiniti EX35.

The only U.S.-bound powertrain we can expect is the same six-cylinder found in the 128i, teamed with BMW’s all-wheel-drive system. Dubbed the BMW X1 xDrive 28i, it should be good for 258 hp.

Cargo capacity is 14.7 cubic feet with the rear seats up and expands to 47.3 cubic feet with them down. That’s obviously more than the Mini Clubman’s, but slightly less than the Infiniti EX35’s 18.6 cubic feet with the seats up. Prices for the 128i coupe start at $29,400, and we’d expect the X1 — with the added cost of all-wheel drive and the crossover body style — to be significantly more. The EX35 with all-wheel drive starts at $35,200.

Neither the Infiniti EX35 nor the BMW 128i coupe have been strong sellers in the U.S., and we’re not sure the premium compact SUV segment is one that will exactly heat up; Europe is obviously the main target here. If BMW can deliver something cost-competitive with an Infiniti, though, it could see better sales. No on sale date has been given.

Many more pictures are below, so you can judge for yourself if you think the new X1 is a winner.

By David Thomas | July 7, 2009 | Comments (13)
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258 hp? I thought the 128i coupe made 230 hp. I'm sorry if I'm misreading the post somehow.


uhhh looks nice i guess i like the exterior better than the interior but the sideview mirrors look a little off figure with this kind of vehicle

the BMW press release on the X1 says 258 hp. Just a different version of the 128's I believe.


I don't really know if the car is the reason for poor sales. Paying over 30k for a model which carries the unimpressive "1" which makes the car look cheap certainly doesnt help, especially when the x3 could be had for just a few thousand more


How much smaller is this than the X3? And how much less expensive??


Not bad...but the 1977 brown color has got to go!

" Based on the 1 Series, this small, raised hatchback looks to compete with the Mini Cooper Clubman and Infiniti EX35."

I don't know that BMW wants to compete with Mini. It may be an unintended consequence, but that's probably not their intention.


I would only consider if it would be available with a tow package and be able to at LEAST tow 3500lbs. If's junk. SUV's, whether crossovers or truck based should be able to do what SUV's are supposed to do. Tow and haul heavy things!!!!


The front looks for the rear...most people not as into cars as I am, would not be able to differentiate it from the X3 or X5.

No it wouldn't be their aim to compete with Mini but depending on how you equip a Clubman S it gets up near $30 in price. The new Mini SUV will have AWD and I'd bet will be even closer to X1 territory as well.

In the end I think it just comes down to people shopping small luxury crossovers and they all kind of lump together.

The Clubman is also much smaller. I just thought it an interesting alternative to bring up for shoppers.


In Europe, the X1 will be mostly unnecessary because the 1 series is available as a 5-door hatch.

In the USA, the X1 will be unpopular because it is a premium small car, is sort of ugly, and I would wager won't be able to tow enough to be a competitive Ute.

Another example of BMW answering a question nobody asked.


next up X1 M!!!


Loser because it will be overpriced and the "typical" black steering wheel is so '80's...

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