2010 Acura TSX Gets V-6 Engine, Same Price as TL


When the Acura TSX got a face-lift for the 2009 model year, we were a bit surprised at the sales success of this littlest Acura. Its fuel-efficient and peppy four-cylinder engine, front-wheel-drive setup and pleasant ride swayed a lot of near-luxury buyers. For 2010, Acura seems to have answered a question no one was asking: It put a 280-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 in the TSX and priced it within $150 of the larger Acura TL with the same engine and transmission.

We won’t spend too much time breaking down the similarities of the TSX V-6 and the base TL V-6, but they have the same power and five-speed transmission, and they’re within 1 mpg in estimated highway mileage. The TSX gets 18/27 mpg city/highway, while the TL gets 18/26. The TSX V-6 gets standard steering-wheel shift paddles and 18-inch wheels, while the base model gets 17-inch wheels standard.

Otherwise, the TSX remains mostly the same from 2009, with a slight price increase of $150 for the four-cylinder model. Full pricing and more photos are below. The 2010 TSX is on sale now.

  • TSX – five-speed automatic: $29,310
  • TSX – six-speed manual: $29,310
  • TSX – five-speed automatic with Technology Package: $32,410
  • TSX – six-speed manual with Technology Package: $32,410
  • TSX V-6: $34,850
  • TSX V-6 with Technology Package: $37,950

Destination: $810





By David Thomas | July 28, 2009 | Comments (23)
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Wow, $5,500 more for a V-6 and 18" wheels?!?! No thanks!!! I have driven the 4-cylinder version and while it may not be a rocket, it is plenty quick and fun to drive. I'd expect this V-6 to be fast but handle worse because of the weight. Makes no sense to me!


I agree


Original sheth

Newsflash for Acura: People are not going to pay $38k for this car. Its bad enough that the TL is an Accord with a few more options and worse styling. This car is considerably smaller than the Accord, looks like the Accord inside and costs about $6k more than a comparable Accord V6. Not a good value. This car should've been $34k-$35k loaded.


It's an overpriced car. I'd much rather walk to work or take a bus. Acura at one point meant something special to own, but now they are ugly, overpriced, and cheap inside. It would have made more sense to put a turbo 4 cylinder as an option instead of a V6 and price it the same as the TL. That's stupid. Acura, along with the rest of your lineup, you don't stand out in the luxury crowd.

Original sheth

I think this car is going to doom the FWD TL because it looks better, costs slightly less and gets slightly better mileage. aside from a little additional rear seat and trunk space there is no reason to get the Tl which looks worse.

Acura interiors are premium if you consider a Honda interior with additional satin trim and a larger nav screen to be "luxury".

Dave Wuss

To say that the TSX is going to "doom the TL" (this is uneducated speak for "the TSX will cannibalize TL sales") is unfounded as the The Altima didn't have that effect on the Maxima and the same will be true here. If you'd lighten up on the Kool Aid you'd know this.

Pierce, I concur. That sweet 2.3L turbo-4 from the RDX would've done nicely here. It's 240bhp + 260lb-ft seems made for this car's lovely suspension and sharp steering. But what it needed most was AWD!!! That's what the TSX needs to even be considered poor-man's alternative to the BMW 3 and Infiniti G.

But Sheth, you're far off the mark mate. Saying the TSX would doom the TL is like calling the 3-series the 5-series' killer. Two completely different classes of cars! I love the TSX but I'm a 30 year old man, and grown-ups -- mostly -- go for mid-size cars.


This makes no sense at all, why put a V6 in a car that was designed for a 4-cyl and price it 150 bucks less then the TL? Why not just put the turbo-4 in it and be done? Somebody really must've been pushing for something new-ish and this is what they came up with, probably would've been a better idea to build another luxury sports car like the Integra/RSX. I'm willing to bet theres going to be people flocking to the dealers to buy these cars. I'm already seeing more of those BMW X6s around here, and that car didn't really make much sense to me.


Actually, the Altima did severely hurt the Maxima's sales. To the point where Nissan took the Max back to it's sport sedan roots.


Broq, you're badly mistaken. The Altima has always been Nissan's volume seller - typically selling 7X more units than the Maxima. One starts at $19,000; the other at $30,000 so these cars DO NOT COMPETE with each other! The price of entry into a Maxima immediately puts it out of reach of most Nissan buyers so it will always sell less units. DUH!


I think it's a move in in the right direction. Now all Acura needs to do is make all their cars RWD. Only then would I consider an Acura over my IS350



Broq is correct in that the Altima DID (past tense) hurt the Maxima sales. The V-6 Altima essentially offered everything the Maxima did for a cheaper price with better looks. Nissan recognized this which is why the current gen Maxima is positioned in the premium car segment.


How does it not have Honda's new 6 speed automatic?

Nissan has JATCO's 7 speed automatic in the G37.

Dave Wuss

The Nissan Maxima has been positioned in the premium car segment since 1995. To say Altima sales impacted Maxima sales is totally unfounded and nothing more than a common misheld belief by those who lack facts. The Altima didn't impact Maxima sales and the V6 TSX should not impact TL sales. These cars are marketed and sell to different sets of demographics. My wife in a previous life was SVP of Renault's Global Marketing group so I've heard this topic discussed on many occasions before.


Dave Wuss,
Since you seem to have facts about everthing why don't you share links to them with the rest of us. I sold nissans back in 03 and 04 and can personally attest to the fact that the Maxima was a hard sell next to an Altima that was based on the same platform, almost the same size, quicker, and available with almost the same options while costing less. I also owned a 3rd gen maxima which was a great car but nostalgia and a slightly better interior can only overcome so much- I would have bought an Altima too back then too if I had to choose.

But you have all the facts, so I guess we can all wait for you to post them.



Yes, tell us husband of former SVP for Renault Global Marketing group, how the 2002-2003 Altima, whose interior dimensions were larger than that of the 2002-2003 Maxima, whose V6 had a similar output, whose rear suspension was more sophisticated, and which had a lower price did not impact Maxima sales.

Dave Wuss

Car salesman? I almost cracked a rib from laughing so hard...let me guess you failed at that too! It's obvious that reading comprehension is not one of your strengths. Both of you are prime examples of why community college's even exist. Next time learn to stick with it.

Guys, some simple Googling will show you that in terms of annual sales, the delta in units sold between the Altima and Maxima has remained relatively consistent. They are two different classes of cars, and if Broq - as a salesman! - could not make that distinction, then perhaps he was not very good to begin with. Alas, most salesmen seldom understand corporate design philosphy, market positioning, and consumer/brand psychology.

Premium cars are not targeted at value buyers AND value cars cannot be targeted at premium buyers. If a premium buyer is disappointed with the $30,000 Maxima, he's more likely to spring for the extra $2,000 and get an Infiniti G NOT step down to a cheap, commonplace Altima.

Dave, I know we lose patience when dealing with the dense, but let's try to enlighten rather than castigate them :-)


Dave Wuss,
I love that you think you know me- you don't. I am not going to stoop to your level because you are nobody to me. More power to you.

And you can talk about marketing and demographics until you are blue in the face, Most of it is true. Fact is, money talks. If the TL's marketing gets people to the dealership, they are bound to see the much more attractive and attractively priced TSX sitting on that same lot near it- just like regular people did when I worked the at the Nissan dealership. Go ask your wife about that.



Offered exclusively for USA and Canada, Nissan Maxima has an embarrassing market positioning. On the one hand Nissan wants to position it above the mainstream Altima, on the other hand it shall not steal sales from Infiniti G. Another problem is how close its relationship with Altima. They are built on the same platform using the same engine and assembled in the same plant in Tennessee, USA. No wonder Maxima does not depart very much from its cheaper sister in size, performance and build quality. You can imagine how difficult for sales persons to persuade customers spending more money on the Maxima. Every year Nissan sells around 50,000 to 70,000 Maximas, a sharp contrast to the 250,000 units level of Altima.

Dave Wuss

I'm nothing to you yet you felt compelled to respond. You are really, really, smart.

Mr. H, ALL JAPANESE CAR MAKERS SHARE PLATFORMS in this manner! LOL! The Lexus ES shares the Camry's platform; the Acura TL shares the Accord's platform; and even the Maxima borrows its engine, suspension, interior, electronics, and nifty paddle shifters from the Infiniti G.

Where you see a problem, Nissan does not: ALL BRANDS SELL MORE UNITS PRICED AT $20K OR LESS. Premium cars never move in large numbers. That's why American Honda sold 24,000 Accords in June and only 3,000 TLs. Yet I'm sure we'd all agree it would be idiotic to say Accord sales are cannibalizing TLs. (Yes I know Honda doesn't have an equivalent to the Maxima, but your argument is based on PLATFORM similitude!).

We should think of the Maxima as we do the Avalon. They may not make sense to us in light of the existence of Infiniti and Lexus, but THERE IS A MARKET FOR THEM - however small - that simply have no interest in their low-end siblings. That's why in June, 4,560 Nissan buyers chose the Maxima over the Altima that 16,350 preferred. Read the numbers gentlemen.


I have one question about the Maxima and the Altima..... why is it that the front of the car is so much higher than the back? I mean, when you put two people in the back, the mufflers are scrapping the floor......

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