2010 Acura RDX Gets New Grille, Price, Front-Wheel Drive

Acura’s new company face, a big shield fixed into the grille, has landed on the RDX for 2010. It was the last model in the lineup to get it, and we have to say, it could have been left alone. Other design tweaks to the lower bumper and headlights are more welcome and add a beefier look overall. The backside gets some work, too, but it’s harder to see the changes there. The dual exhaust pipes are now hexagonal instead of circular, and the license plate frame is slightly smaller.

Inside, hardly anything gets touched, and the engine is the same 240-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder. The biggest changes come in terms of trim levels. The RDX now comes in a base, front-wheel-drive model in addition to the previous all-wheel-drive version. There are technology packages available for both. Pricing for the front-wheel-drive model is $32,520, with all-wheel drive starting at $34,520. The 2009 RDX with all-wheel drive started at $33,895. What do you get for the extra $600 and change besides the new grille?

Basically, the base models still come with leather, a moonroof, dual climate control and Bluetooth. The standard seven-speaker stereo system now comes with iPod integration and a USB adapter.

Gas mileage remains the same for the all-wheel-drive model, at 17/22 mpg city/highway. Front-wheel-drive versions will save 2 mpg, getting 19/24 mpg city/highway. Premium gas is required.

The 2010 RDX is heading to dealerships now. A full price breakdown and more pictures are below.


  • RDX: $32,520
  • RDX SH-AWD: $34,520
  • RDX with Technology Package: $35,620
  • RDX SH-AWD with Technology Package: $37,620

Destination: $810











By David Thomas | July 24, 2009 | Comments (15)
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i do not see any characteristic about the RDX that puts it above any of its competition, yet it seems to be doing okay. hooray for Honda to get that mysterious marketing thing right again.


Does it have cheap plastic? LOL

Actually it's not selling very well. It's been a struggle for Acura. My mother in law actually has one, replaced her BMW X3. And on the plastic question, yes it's better than the SRX.

Yes...this post will now get 20+ comments!

lol Dave.

-1: Grille looks the worst in this adaptation here.

+1: 19/24 for its power & weight is excellent.


I know the MDX supposedly was the first to get the new Acura beak but in my opinion it is different (and actually attractive) compared to the iterations on the RL, TL, TSX, and now the RDX. I've seen spyshots of a refreshed MDX sporting a new beak so unfortunately the MDX may catch a case of the uglies as well in the near future.


Do you remember that 1992 Legend?

That was the last Acura I liked. Seems that they sold more of those then all RLs after that.
Acura just lost its way. I think, only MDX has been success in the last few years. Tell me if I am wrong. But seriously, why buy RDX if for this money you can get loaded Highlander with same mileage, etc? Just explain, why buy SUV with unusable rear space?

And the infamous Acura snout? Why all Acuras must have one? Why Civic is different from Accord? Why Focus is different from Taurus? Why all Acuras must have those beaks and all Mazdas must smile? It is boring. Especially for those, who proud to drive a "rare" car (ie not Accord or Camry). Now they really feel that there are bunch of them on the road because often it is hard to tell TSX from TL until it comes really close and you can judge by their size.

Acura need to go to its roots - an elegant car company. This what 92 Legend was. An elegant car.

Troy S.

I think Acura is on target with the design tweaks. The design cues may not appeal to everyone but, thye do appeal to some customers. Some of these customers are potential future Acura owners.


so that's where the Pontiac Aztek designer went 2....Acura!!

Oddly enough though, I like the TL's design.

Go figure.


The RDX has been selling horribly, and this isn't going to help it. I use to love Acura. Now they are one of my least favorite brands. That ugly nose is too much to ignore.


ACURA become the most ugly car in the market. Why would you pay that much money to get such an ugly car. I got an Land Rover LR2 with real off road capability for 35,000 with free maintenence. Why would I buy this horrible looking plastic junk.


I still think that this is cool looking. Much better than those crappy looking MB.

Original sheth

"And on the plastic question, yes it's better than the SRX."

You mean plastic quality doesn't determine success in the market? Who knew? This vehicle doesnt sell because of its limited practicality and pathetic mileage. SRX looks better, has more hp, gets better mileage and has more features. Those factors JUST might make it more successful.


Too bad no 6 speed automatic.

Original sheth

Acura has lagged on that front for some time. Apparently only the ZDX, MDX and presumably RL are worthy of a 6 speed auto. Its amazing that Honda has gone this long without a 6 speed. They are the last major automaker not to exceed 5 gears.

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