Will V-Vehicle Call its Car Model 1?

V-Vehicle Company Model 1 Trademark Illustration

Earlier today, V-Vehicle Company announced its intent to build an all new "high-quality, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient car for the U.S. market" at a factory in Louisiana. So far, though, the company is keeping quiet about what kind of car it will be, how large it will be and what kind of engine it will have.

Despite their stealth, we've discovered several VVC applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office that are likely candidates for the car's name. VVC has filed for the rights to "Model 1" and "Model One." In early June, the company withdrew applications for the names "One Car" and "1 Car."

VVC spokesman Joe Fisher would not confirm or comment about Model One or Model 1 as the official name of the new car.

Another bit of news: Several websites have shown a picture of a headlight with their stories about VVC's announcement. Fisher told Cars.com this afternoon that "the headlight picture is only meant to be evocative. It's not part of the [upcoming] car."



It's exciting to here about a brand new car company in the U.S. With the state of the auto industry it seems like the right time to introduce a well priced "peoples car". It is also exciting to here about a car made in the United States. But I guess that is my question, where is this car going to be made? According to the press release the facility in Monroe, LA will be approximately 750,000 square feet (approx 17 Acres). Well, a full size automotive plant is 60 Acres Plus. I don't think it will be possible to have a Body Shop, Paint Shop and Trim Shop in the space proposed. So this means that the Monroe facility will be an assembly point for vehicle components. Where will these components come from?


Monroe itself may be small, but have you actually been there? Its surrounded by...absolutely nothing. Seriously, there is nothing but space for industry. Its entirely possible that it will be a full size plant.

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