Survey Ranks Cities by Least Courteous Drivers

Maddriver An AutoVantage survey asked drivers about the courteousness of their fellow road warriors, and New York came out on top for the city with the most road rage.

Um … shocking?

Perhaps not, but following on New York’s heels were the sprawl-heavy commuter cities of Dallas and Atlanta, the industrial graveyard of Detroit, and the peculiar twins of Minneapolis and St. Paul to round it out.

Respondents cited aggressive speeding, horn-honking and anger issues as the prime road-rage indicators, while angry drivers pointed to drivers talking on cell phones, tailgating, eating and, yes, emailing as poor behaviors that set them off.

So what’s an Atlanta driver to do? Well, you could always move.

The survey found that Portland (Oregon), Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburgh were the cities with the most courteous drivers.

That move may be worth it: A full 7% admitted that they call the police in response to rude driving behavior, while 1% confessed they slam the offending car.

Study: Where Does Your City Rank Among the Road-Rageous? (Autoblog)

By Stephen Markley | June 18, 2009 | Comments (6)



Yeah, Portland has the most courteous drivers but at the expense of being STUPID courteous. Let's SLOW DOWN on the freeway to let that car ahead merge in at 45 mph. Let's sit at a four-way stop and play Chip and Dale ... you go, no YOU go, NO you go, NO YOU go, and they both take off at the same time and stop again.


Yea it's not that shocking that NY came in as number 1 for road rage...I lived in NY all my life and I see it everyday. People pull out the middle finger if someone was going too slow, or the driver behind the slow driver tailgates, or a little of both, or they'll just give you a dirty look. A lot of tailgating going on though. Many aspects of road rage are seen here.


To add to my last just cannot be a curtious driver everytime you drive.


we didnt need a survey to tell us that!

Al G.

LP, John your right. NY being at the top of the list, is spot on. I've lived all over and I have got to tell you NY has the least courteous drivers I've ever seen. I lived in the state now for over 10 years and I still I am amazed by the discourteousness I see on the road. In fact I have to check myself at times as I find myself driving more aggressive than I should.


it's intersting that the Twin Cities were the 4th most courteous in 2008, then becomes the 5th rudest in 2009?!!?!??!?! was there a mass-influx of New Yorkers or Bostonians between 2008 and 2009 into the Twin Cities that I did not know about?

Boston needs to stay on that list. the most aggressive with the least skills and knowledge.

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