Reader Review of the Week: 2009 Pontiac Vibe

Reader Review “Old Smokey” from Fort Worth, Texas, has a name that makes it sound like he owns a rusted-out pickup truck, but in fact he’s a proud owner of a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. Old Smokey likes his Vibe quite a bit, from the gas mileage to the power he can coax from the engine. Find out what else tickles Smokey about the Vibe by reading his full review. After you finish that, head over here to post your own review.

Vibe “I purchased my 2009 Vibe GT in September ‘08 and now have 9,800 miles on it. All-around driving averages 25.8 mpg, which is mostly around town. Basically, this vehicle is a Toyota Matrix with a Pontiac badge and is very reliable.

“The GT is top of the line and comes with a lot of extras, but if you add most of them to a standard Vibe its price is about the same. I like the sound system and the 18-inch wheels that come with the Vibe GT, though. The vehicle is very comfortable and fun to drive. The 2.4-liter engine has a lot of power for a vehicle this size, and it has great acceleration for passing on the highway.

“I am going to drive it from Fort Worth to Colorado and leave my GMC Envoy in the garage for a two-week summer trip.”



With my 2 week old Vibe, I'm getting better than 32 MPG on my long, mostly highway commute. If I'm really careful, I can get 35 MPG!

PS, the car pictured above isn't a GT as it has 17" wheels and the roof rack.

Iris M. Gross

It's sad that the biggest selling point to this Pontiac is that it's actually a Toyota.


Bought my 2003 Vibe new in October, 2002. I have 28,000 miles on this car (2nd car used mostly on weekends). Our 4th and last Pontiac - an excellent small crossover. Extremely reliable with no problems. Getting 34 mpg. Sorry to see the Vibe slip into the sunset.


NJvibe,just visit your Toyota dealer next time for a Matrix,I bet you will see better customer service and trade in value too.

Des Alba

I recently RENTED a brand-new 2009 Pontiac Vibe with only 26 miles on the clock when I got it. What a squirrely car!!! I had about 100 miles to drive through the desert to my destination from the airport, and I spent much of that time just keeping the car going straight. It wandered all over the highway, susceptible to even mild crosswinds. For a Toyota product I was very disappointed! Fit and finish were fine. Gas economy at 75mph highway cruising was only so-so for a 4-banger. I had a small Kia on a similar business trip earlier and it ran much, much better, like it was running on rails. Not so this Vibe. My experience with the Vibe? Way below average. Des


I had a 2003 vibe used bought it 2005 loved it so I purchases a 2009 in 2008 as they come out a year early.. I have had nothing but problems with this car wondering if it was made on a shifter cable went only at 39,000 so they replaced that then from there i have a squeal when i accelerate now.. then engine fell apart as in rockers, spark plugs ect...other day I am driving my VSC light comes on along with traction light and engine light.. I look under the hood and my cover to the engine is off.. if anyone is having problems with there please reply to this post.. would like to add its not a comfy car to travel long distance and lots of road noise... :(


I have 2009 vibe, 121,000 miles on it, NO problems! Only 2 little light bulbs at over 100k miles and new front brake pads & rotors at 105,000 miles.

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