Mazda Adds Environmentally Friendly Paint Technique

Mazdapaint Mazda is trying to promote a more environmentally friendly image, both with a slogan — “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom,” they call it — and with paint. That’s right, paint.

Mazda has already introduced a water-based paint application technique to its factory in Hiroshima, Japan, and wants to use the method on all its vehicles in the future. The new Aqua-tech Paint System reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds by 57% over the “Three Layer Wet Paint System.”

Mazda says its method is superior to the water-based paint systems used by Ford and Toyota, producing both lower emissions and also a brighter, more durable finish. The Mazda paint also functions as a primer and can resist chipping and light damage.

More important than the technique, though, is what Mazda has done to increase energy efficiency. The Aqua-tech system relies on more efficient air conditioning and water evaporation systems that dry paint quickly, greatly reducing the CO2 emissions involved in the energy-heavy process.

Wet, Green Paint From Mazda (Autopia)


I think it is great that so many people are trying to become greener and more eco friendly. I am trying hard to make some changes to my lifestyle in order to help out and lower my carbon footprint. My housemate and I have opted for electronic cards rather than paper ones to save some trees. We spent ages looking on the internet and came across a really cool environmentally friendly eCard site that I really like. I like this site because there is so much choice, and I found an eCard for every friend that I know will make them smile. Changing my habits, even if it is a small change, like opting for an eCard over snail mail, or recycling, I think if we all contributed we could all make a difference.


I hope this new paint is better than the less than satisfactory paint on my 2004 Mazda3.

Painting for me is one of the most ingenious inventions of human beings since the beginning of our lives painting important part of our learning, when we are children learn colors, and a little larger we choose the color to paint our room, and adults and use the paint for everything, our cars, our homes, art, etc. Undoubtedly many lives happy painting.

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