Ford Sync Passes 1 Million Mark

Sync_Navigation_HR Ford has been on a roll as of late. While simply dodging bankruptcy would have been enough, Ford has gone further by actually gaining market share over the past seven months. Ford’s innovative Sync system has helped the automaker achieve its sales success, along with new vehicles like the Fusion.

Now, Ford has sold 1 million vehicles equipped with Sync. The millionth vehicle was given to Microsoft’s CEO as a gift; Microsoft’s auto architecture underpins Sync.

The first Ford vehicle equipped with Sync was the 2008 Ford Focus. Since then, the system has become available in almost every Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle.

Ford has added more features to Sync as the software has evolved. The original Sync was able to make phone calls and send and read texts via paired phones, as well as play music, through voice commands.

Today, Sync can access traffic reports, turn-by-turn navigation and update occupants on breaking news events or the weather with no monthly subscription fee for the first three years.

Old Sync systems can be updated with the new software; we described that process in detail in an earlier post.

Sync can recognize English, Spanish and French (for the French Canadians) voice commands. In the future, Ford plans to make Sync compatible with German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Dutch and Russian as it aims to sell the system in Ford vehicles in Europe and Asia.

Ford Sync Passes 1 Million Mark on Way to Global Rollout (WardsAuto)

By Colin Bird | June 12, 2009 | Comments (4)
Tags: Car Gadgets, Ford



So is Ford now/soon to be the largest US car manufacturer?


Good for Ford! Hopefully Gm and Chrysler will invest in quality vehicle development and great features like sync to pull themselves out of bankruptcy.


I applaud all of Ford's accomplishments.

Jim Wells

I'll bet Henry is no longer turning over in his grave. Good for Ford. I just finished a 2600-mile trip in my 2005 Mercury Montego...the one everyone said was too big and too slow. Great,comfortable ride with 26.3 mpg from sea level to 7000 feet and back again...a quality car. The new ones are even better. Drive a Ford and see!

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