Rhys Millen Drifts the 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Sure, it might be easy to drift a new Hyundai Genesis coupe, which is a rear-wheel-drive sports car meant for performance. But can famed race driver Rhys Millen get the back wheels of the 2009 Cars.com New Car of the Year, the Hyundai Genesis sedan, smoking in circles? Check out the video above to see if he has the goods.



that was kinda boring. the car looks good though.



this guy needs to be banned from testing this type of vehicle. his way of testing (drifting) has nothing to do with the performance capabilities of the car nor the way the car was intended to be driven. this is an abuse of the generosity of the car provider.

Rhys Millen is a world renowned race car driver and Hyundai hired him to drift the Genesis Coupe at this event. The sedan was something he wasn't prepared for and did his best. Which is pretty impressive.


...but can he drift a FWD?

I know for a fact Rhys Millen is not the first person to drift a BH oops! I mean Genesis sedan ;)


Its hard to drift a FWD, it can be done but still, without power to the rear wheels it'd be very hard to get through the turns and curves. I have watched somebody drift a GS300 sedan before, kind of amazing what you can do with cars these days.

Rhys Millen is a douche he really is not all that good at anything , he can't even backflip a truck!!!!!! This guy is just a bunch of hype!! And he talks funny


@ Stellar

GS300 and Genesis Sedan are both Rear Wheel Drive.


I dig the hoonage! Nice to see cars.com showing that they love cars!

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