Reader Review of the Week: 2009 Chrysler 300

Reader Review With Chrysler trying to fight its way out of bankruptcy, we thought we’d take a look at one of the automaker’s vehicles via a reader review. In this case, “Jayster” of Naples, Fla., gives his opinion of the 2009 Chrysler 300. What strikes him about the vehicle? Read Jayster’s full review to find out where he thinks Chrysler could stand to improve. Then post your own review here.

09Chrysler300 “This car has very appealing styling with the long-mouth grille and slanted rear taillights. One of the worst things about the 300 is that the overall feel when you sit down is cheap. Those very grainy-feeling plastics are very bulky and intrusive, and there are misaligned panels and loose switches. The engine has good power, but it doesn’t have the feeling of ‘oomph’ when compared with the recently dead Pontiac G8.

“The shocks are good, but when you hit a bump the car feels like it’s shaking from side to side. Also, the engine noise is pretty annoying when you try to hold a conversation. But if you just want a car that can get you around in style and you don’t mind poor gas mileage, then this is the car for you.”




Why did Jayster purchase this car when he speaks so poorly of it?


I do not understand why someone would buy a car with misaligned panels and loose switch gear. If you are that irresponsible enough to not thoroughly check an expensive purchase like a car before you pay for it- don't complain about it later. This is not a used car, where it is the only one like it on the lot. You choose this imperfect car when there are dozens like it on the same lot and probably hundreds within a couple miles.

I am off my soap box now. That just really bothers me.



The real question is why Kicking Tires chose to post this review over whatever others it received when it is patently obvious that this review is garbage.

Al G.

Yeah! The Jayster lost me too with this review. If he felt the car was so badly made, why he buy it? I agree with Broq says above. Who doesn’t thoroughly check a car out before buying it, even if it is new? The dealer sure isn’t going to point out the cars imperfections. Sounds like the Jayster got a lemon for sure or, at least a car that he’s not happy with. Seems he was so taken in by the cars good looks that he failed to make sure he was getting a sound car. An expensive lesson learned indeed.

Oh least it looks good in the picture. I guess that's a redeeming quality.


The reader reviews are rarely much better than this one. I usually read them for the purpose of entertainment only.


From all the comments on this review i will answer some questions. First the reason why I bought this car was because of the good price and the overall look but once I got used to the car it just didn't satisfy my needs which is why I wrote this review.


I think Jayster is saving everyone esle from making the same mistake and I commend him for writing this review. Misaligned panels and a not-so-good ride don't stop everyone from purchasing a car.


I second Bowrider's comments


Jayster, if your "needs" were to have aligned panels and an unobtrusive engine sound and less cheap plastic and a different ride then surely you would have known that this car wouldn't have satisfied them from the very beginning regardless of the price and look. It's a 2009 so you've had it maybe 6 months at most? I guess the price and look outweighed everything else.


The Chrysler 300 is inexpensive car for what you get, if you are comparing it to say a BMW 5 series or a large Lexus, then yes, the 300 is not "perfect" however you will be paying a 1/3 if not 1/2 less. The 300 SRT is a very good looking car and "inexpensive" for what you get

There's a real bandwagon mentality in this country. They should recognize Chrysler bashing as a professional sport.

I have a 2008 Dodge with no unaligned panels or loose switches. I must be the exception. Also, hey, all cars have plastic in them dude. I really don't find that the plastic in my Honda is any nicer than the plastic in my Dodge.


KickingTires- I'm surprised you chose to post this review. Not only is it poorly written and short on details, but it appears to be written with some bias, if not ignorance. I don't know too many people who plunk down $20-30k on a car when there are so many obvious problems with it. To be honest, I doubt this guy even has a 300. I'm not a huge Chrysler fan myself (I own a Lexus and an '83 Benz) but this is ridiculous.

Take it easy

Take it easy on the reviewer. It is next to impossible to evaluate every last aspect of a car during a 20-30 minute test drive. It would be great if car dealers let you keep the prospective car for a week to live with it in your daily life, but that rarely ever happens.

From personal experience, I have developed a mental list of all of the things to check for when testing a new car. However, the list continues to grow as there will always be things you come across that you never experienced before.

No car is perfect, regardless of price. Every car will have its own quirks. I have shopped for a Chrysler 300C and agree with what Jayster wrote. Tons of power, comfortable, but lacking in attention to detail. If the right price came along, I might be tempted to overlook the quirks and buy a 300C. I have no qualms with Chrysler products and would not hesitate to buy one.

Jayster's review seems to express an underlying buyer's remorse which is perfectly normal. Just because a review is written that is negative, or contrary to what your opinion is, does not mean it is a plant/conspiracy/troll.

There have been some pretty sarcastic reviews written about my current GM vehicle, but there is usually some sort of basis for the reviewers comments. Some comments I have agreed with, others I have not.

tony weyinmi

I like to own a car which looks elegnt as this- same exterior finish, same specs. How can l place one and mport it to my cpuntry Nigeria?

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