No Smiles for Driver's License Photos

Nosmiles Four states — Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia — now have rules in place that force folks getting a driver's license photo not to smile. The "neutral face expression" allows the DMV to compare a new photo taken to those currently in the system. This helps avoid fraud using advanced facial recognition software.

However, Arkansas, Indiana and Nevada allow "slight smiles" because those don't interfere with the system. Just no huge, teeth-baring grins, it seems.

Twenty-seven other states use similar software, but they don't forbid smiling for the photos.

Four states adopt 'no-smiles' policy for driver's licenses (USA Today)

By David Thomas | May 26, 2009 | Comments (4)
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This could spark some interest groups to bring lawsuit against them for human rights.


I've never had cause to smile at the DMV.

Otis Nau

That's really worrying. Comming up with policies that stupid and irrelevant.
How can anybody dictate a NO SMILING law.

Sweety Pie

Does that mean that we won't be able to smile at the cops when they stop us?
I can almost hear them, "Please ma'm step out of the vehicle, put your hands behind your head and stop smiling" "I said STOP SMILING OR I'LL HAVE TO TASE YOU!"
"What? you think you're gonna smile and mess with me like that boy?!" "I'll teach you respect!"

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