GM Kills High-Performance Trims for 2010

Throughout the day, we’ve been seeing reports surface online of GM killing high-performance trim levels of a few models across its brands. We contacted the company and can now confirm that a number of these stories are indeed true.

The least surprising cancellation is the Pontiac G6 GXP, which will not see a 2010 model year. It sported a slightly more powerful V-6 engine than the G6 GT and a six-speed automatic.

Chevy takes the hardest hit, losing a number of its SS models, with the Impala SS, HHR SS Panel and Cobalt SS sedan cut for the 2010 model year. The Cobalt SS coupe will be cut later, at the end of calendar year 2009 or early 2010.The HHR SS will continue throughout the entire 2010 model year, ending in June 2010.

Cadillac will not be taking orders for a future STS-V, meaning no 2010 model either. However, the brand says with an ever-changing industry things could change.








So GM confirmed that there will be a 2010 model year Cobalt SS coupe and HHR SS but that they will be cut end of calendar year 2009 or early 2010? That would mean only a few months of 2010 model year production for those two nameplates.

Production should restart in late summer.


But they continue production of Camaro and Corvette? "Total Performance" is dead at GM,but a couple vestiges hold on? Wait til Obama and Co. tell them otherwise.


Can you keep Obama out of this. Thanks

Max Reid

Good decision.

People just want vehicles, not race machines.

Gas prices have started rising. Even if they sell, no one will buy.

Hmm...and here I am thinking the Cobalt SS sold reasonably well. Saw a decent number of them around here. And for that amount of power, 22/30 ain't bad at all...

Lars on live

I'm a huge fan of the HHR SS. I just got a used one with the stage 1 kit. 290 HP and still getting over 30 MPG on the highway.


Can you buy engine upgrades or other options from the GT*/or SS models on an individual basis?


And the Cobalt SS was the only Cobalt I saw doing well in reviews vs. the competition. There is some impressive performance/fuel economy engineering in the HHR/Cobalt SS, it is sad to see it go. The Impala SS is a great idea to kill. I own an Impala and have driven the SS and had 0 interest in upgrading to one.



Maybe YOU don't want a performance-oriented vehicle, but I can assure you that there are plenty of people on the road that are looking specifically for that in their cars. A Cobalt SS does 30 mpg on the highway while making 260 hp. The 2.2L base model gets 34-7 mpg while making 148 hp. So you have the choice between twice as much power or 20% more fuel economy. Not a hard decision for me. The last thing I want in a car is something that's blanded down so much I can't find my car in a parking lot.


Conalt ss supercharged ftw \m/ so u fags consearened about gas mileage can go buy a Prius and shut it ! :)


Lol true that. I have my hhr SS and I love it. A lot of people want fast cars. Sean is right. Don't like it then get a Prius.

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