GM Adds Zune Support to New Models

Camarozune A popular blog dedicated to Microsoft's Zune MP3 player reports that the new 2010 Chevy Camaro has built-in Zune support, along with support for iPods and other popular players. According to the report, Zune-supported USB connectivity will be offered in 27 upcoming models in the U.S. and globally. We assume it'll be built into newly designed vehicles like the GMC Terrain, Chevy Cruze and others.

If you're an excited Zune owner looking to buy a new Camaro, though, be warned: The USB adapter is available standard in only the top 2LT trim of V-6 models and the 2SS trim for V-8s. It's an option in the 1LT model, but not available at all in the LS or 1SS.

We're not sure why such a car doesn't have USB integration standard across the lineup, but it’s not alone. Other automakers like Honda also only offer USB connectivity on top trim levels, and as of now Honda doesn't support the Zune at all. 

Chevy Camaro evidently nabs Microsoft Zune support (Engadget)



It's called getting people to buy the more expensive trim levels.


Is zune support different from ipod support? Really, I don't know.

yes. Because both iPods and Zunes use specific formatting for their players the adapter must be able to "translate" each to display and play songs, artists and albums properly.

By default some do everything like Ford's Sync system, and from what it looks like the new GM system.

Other's like Honda/acura work only with iPods. Plug in a Zune and you get nothing.

Why is it that the cost of USB adapters as addons from automakers are so expensive? Same goes with the kits. It's like $300-$400 as an option to have an iPod cable in your glovebox.

i definitely want one..


is any other automaker offering zune integration/control with their factory stereo system? also, does the stereo still have the ipod interface? seems like these things are getting pretty complicated.

Original sheth

I'm glad Dave took the time to mention GM isnt alone in not including iPod connectivity. Instead of wondering why a $24k Camaro doesn't have it we should be asking why $40k BMW models don't have it standard. I am willing to give lower end models more slack when it comes to lacking tech features than I am luxury models. A Camaro 2LT is far cheaper than most BMW models and even the 7 series doesn't have a USB connection standard.

Ford's Sync is probably the only system I can think of specifically made to work with zune while others from Hyundai etc. work with it, but are not custom tailored for it.

If it's anything like Sync the display simply changes when you plug in an ipod or zune, there's nothing extra to do and they're very simple to use.


That's great news!
Now, both Zune users can play them in their cars.

Original sheth

IL just tested the new E class and ipod integration is optional on a $57k E550. Its amazing that these kinds of things are not included in pricey cars as standard kit.

Come on?? As if people spending all that money on a new car can't afford another $25 for an adapter?

Shouldn't these car makers be more concerned about (gulp) building cars the perform well??

Original sheth

On most luxury cars an ipod integration kit is $400 or more. I'm not aware of a $25 add on that will give your car ipod integration.

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