3-D Gauge Cluster Concept Simply Mind-Blowing

Well-known computer graphics company NVIDIA and mobile solutions company icon icar have teamed up to develop a 3-D gauge cluster for cars. If the above image — and one below — are any indication, they should have automakers lining up to get these in future cars.

icon worked on the iPhone interface on the Audi A1 concept car a few years ago. NVIDIA makes a wide array of computer graphics cards found in PCs and Macs. And, maybe soon, hatchbacks.

These images are icon's "proof of concept" that show automakers — their potential customers — just how adaptable a 3-D gauge cluster can be. The two images show the standard speedometer and fuel gauge, along with radio and navigation information. Relocating this information to the gauge cluster could reduce the need for a second screen in a car's center stack.  

Since it's all digital, measurements like Fahrenheit and Celsius and mph and kph can be changed easily with no additional manufacturing costs.

Technology sure has come a long way since I laid eyes on the 2-D digital cluster in my 1989 Ford Probe.


By David Thomas | May 19, 2009 | Comments (12)
Tags: Car Gadgets


Screw the analog speedometer...THIS is what should have been in the middle of the Fusion Hybrid's gauges, flanked by the two LCDs.


I think it looks like a crappy kids toy. And if they think THAT navigation screen is better than a 7 inch in the center stack then someone lied to them.


Mind blowing? You're joking right? The 89 Ford Probe cluster looks better.


Check out the 2010 Ford Fusion.. LCD display with animation


haha...remember the day when digital dashes were the vogue but they were very expensive to repair and when defective - the whole dash array had to be replaced. That why today you they have gone back to analog or hybrid (analog/digital) in some cars. All of this stuff is nice but when it takes a dive - you wish you had SIMPLE analog gauges or gauges with LED readouts individually removable from each other.


One more verrrry expensive electronic component to fail.

Have you ever replaced one of the new electronic key fobs? You practically have to refinance. Bring back plain old fashioned keys, please.


I agree with Jimbo. More stuff to break.

Was the digital cluster in the Probe standard or optional back then?

I think The Probe display was in only some trims. It was used and I didn't pay much attention to cars back then. the car was awful though. Rarely started at five years old. Think it had a mitsubushi engine.

The read out was pretty good except in sunlight which you run into in S. Florida.

Now, this Nvidia gauge? I want it now. heck, I wish my computer screen looked that good.


The Probe was a rebodied Maxda MX-6.

yes, but I distinctly remember a 3-star mitsu emblem on my engine. Could've been why i had so many problems with it ;)


You don't get it. The point isn't that they can make that display in particular. The point is they can make the display look like.... well... almost anything.

You don't like that look? Neat! It will almost certainly never look like that.

Thank you! This one looks awesome!

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