Video: 2009 Toyota Venza iPhone Streaming Bluetooth Audio

When I reviewed the Toyota Venza a few months ago, I couldn’t believe the company didn’t include a USB port for MP3 players. An analog auxiliary jack was standard, and you had to upgrade to a more expensive stereo for Bluetooth streaming audio. One problem, only a few cell phones and MP3 players have Bluetooth streaming capabilities, and an adapter for an iPod can run between $50 and $150.

Then came news that Apple was adding this technology to the iPhone this summer. Our resident tech expert, Matt Raskin, is of course already running the beta version of this new software on his iPhone, and he lent it to me to check out in the Venza. Watch the video above to see it in action, and let us know whether you think this is the future of in-car audio.

The 2010 Toyota Prius, on sale this May, and the just-announced 2010 Subaru Legacy will also have available Bluetooth audio.

By David Thomas | April 2, 2009 | Comments (15)



Once paired via bluetooth, can you use the in-car interface to actually control the iPhone? For example, to change the playlist or song, or to make a phone call? I'm still waiting for a product that provides full control of the iPhone through the in-car interface. Every USB connected iPhone system that I've seen lacks some features and requires you to fumble around with the iPhone.

Shhhh don't tell anyone. I am secretly in love with this car (and my iPhone, but that isn't a secret).

Most USB equipped models today have full iPod integration where you can control everything without touching the ipod itself. Sync from ford etc.

This one doesn't have text working because it's still in Beta but most likely will when it is released since the screen is set up to read text, playlists etc.


They should just make an ipod radio for the car. You just carry your laptop out to the car every now and then and download songs into the indash ipod.


Ziggy, isn't that what Chrysler's MyGig or whatever it is, basically is? Sounds like a pain to me. I'd rather just have one place to keep my music and take it with me.

I am going down to Performance Cars in St. Catharines to test drive one next week! Can't wait!

The fact that Apple will be adding music streaming via bluetooth in firmware 3.0 is indeed great news. Hooking up an iPod to a USB connection on a factory fitted system is a great solution but...most of the time the iPod connection cable will be fitted in the glove compartment. But what if you want to make phone calls? Bluetooth address book synchronization and voice control only work well in expensive high end systems (Audi,BMW) so just installing an iPod vehicle mount and using Bluetooth for phone calls as well as music will be an affordable and elegant solution for people who will own a car with bluetooth music streaming capability. Let's just hope more manufacturers will include music streaming in their factory fitted systems in the future.


Not many devices support it? Most audio-featured cellphone have supported this for like two years now... It's pretty ridiculous that this wasn't in the iPhone when it was released.


You can also do this with most other smartphones including most blackberries, nokia smartphones, windows mobile smartphones, and android based phones.

Jeff M.


Great article. We bought a Highlander, fully loaded, last year. It has bluetooth for making phone calls via our iPhone. Is there any way to upgrade our bluetooth so that we can stream music to our 2008 Highlander?



Hi , I have lease new 2010 venza and I want to make calls via bluethooth using iPhone I paired the device with car multimedia and I couldn't make or receive call via iPhone only audio stream works can some one find soloution to this problem and guide me through process

thanks a million

I love everything that has to do with audio, great site, helped me a lot


Can I upgrade my 2009 Highlander Bluetooth to the iPhone 3.0 streming bluetooth audio?

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