No New Saturns or Hummers after 2009


During GM’s announcement today that Pontiac would no longer exist after 2010, the company also said it would stop producing new Saturns after the 2009 model year and Hummers by the end of 2009.

Previously, GM had said it would build Saturn through 2011. The 2009 model year is currently being sold; GM generally switches over to the new model year during the summer. This means no new Saturns — and likely no new Hummers — will roll off assembly lines after this summer.

While the end of Pontiac may be seen as a sad day to automotive buffs, the same can’t be said for Saturn and Hummer. The two brands don’t have the cachet or fanbase of the 83-year-old Pontiac. However, this accelerated timeline caught the industry off guard.

If you’re thinking of buying a car or SUV from either brand, spokesmen from both companies say that they will be fully backed by GM’s warranty until either brand is sold. That same warranty is also backed by the U.S. government for any GM vehicle sold through May 31.

Both Saturn and Hummer are in the process of being sold to new owners. There are a number of scenarios for each brand, which we detail below.

Saturn’s sale would be enticing for any company looking for a relatively large dealer network in the U.S. A new buyer might not want to keep the Saturn name; all dealerships would change over to a new brand. Saturn owners would then have to get their cars serviced at another GM brand’s dealership, or arrangements could be made for the newly branded stores to continue warranty work for Saturns, as well. These details would be a fundamental part of any sale.

Saturn spokesman Mike Morrissey says that GM could also be contracted to build the current Saturn lineup — which has been entirely redesigned in the past few years — to the new owners for a specified time. This was the original scenario in GM’s restructuring plan.

Saturn has an average of 144 days of inventory on lots, so sales of new cars could last until the end of the calendar year, if production ends this summer.

Hummer’s dealer network is smaller than Saturn’s, but it also has newer facilities, which might be attractive to a buyer. Unlike Saturn, there is no specified end date for Hummer production, so there could be a 2010 model year. This nugget of information was pointed out by Hummer spokesman Nick Richards.

When GM bought Hummer from AM General in 1999, it continued to contract the H2’s manufacturing to that company. Later it introduced a smaller H3 model, which is built alongside the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon in Shreveport, La. A sale of Hummer could continue such contract manufacturing for the new owner. Unlike Saturn, a buyer of Hummer would assuredly keep the Hummer name in place and want the current vehicles built for the foreseeable future.

Hummer has 152 days of inventory giving a new owner almost five months to determine what to do with future production.

As with Pontiac, the sale of Saturn and Hummer will likely hurt resale values of both brands, which are already quite low. We list all the current models and their resale value after two years below.

2009 Saturn models

  • Astra: 36% (base hatchback)
  • Aura: 49% (base sedan)
  • Outlook: 49% (base FWD)
  • Sky: 51% (base roadster)
  • Vue:  47% (base FWD)

2009 Hummer models

  • H2: 45% SUV, 51% SUT
  • H3:  44%
  • H3T:  46%




why don't they close GM?


Wow! First I read that Pontiac is dead now the ax is swinging at Hummer and Saturn Brand. What’s next? Who would have ever thought the demise of GM’s Oldsmobile line was the harbinger of thing to come? It will be interesting to see who (if anyone) ends up buying Saturn. Also it will be interesting to see what the restructured GM will look like. I guess time will tell.
The demise of some of these long standing companies, are another indicator just how bad a situation the whole financial system is in. As things stand now this may not be the last we hear of car companies failing.

MO: As for GM just throwing in the towel. Though I’m not a GM fan. I think they shouldn’t give up without at least trying. Especially if they have some viable car companies left. Lately some good cars are coming out from this company. (CTS, upcoming Buick Lacrosse, Volt, and G8-thought this one is getting the ax) Besides if GM were to wholesale just close then that’s a lot of jobs that will be lost. That wouldn’t be good for anyone not to mention the economy.


GM threw in the towel on Saturn a long time ago. Love 'em or hate 'em, they were truly "A different kind of car" and "A different kind of car company" when they started. After a while, the cars just became more GM junk and the plant more GM/UAW politics, thanks to the 2004 dissolution of their unique arrangement.

Had GM kept Saturn cutting edge, and maintained their unique (and sensible) labor labor arrangement, perhaps today would be bringing different news. Saturn was lost years ago. Too bad, what might have been.


Your right part of GM's problems are beacuse past unreliable cars. Recently they have been making some improvements but sadly for Pontiac, Saturn it is too little too late.


They should give the axe to Buick and GMC rather than Saturn. Chevy pretty much has a model of what is sold by Buick and GMC anyway. Make it Chevy, Cadillac and Saturn but turn Saturn into a brand like Scion. They could sell the Beat and Groove as a Saturn. They're certainly not going to sell, what would be marketed as hip and cool, under the Chevy nameplate.

Original sheth

Thanks for the final nail in the coffin with the resale value reminders. Interestingly enough when I was looking in the paper yesterday I saw a 2007 XE priced about $1k less than a 2007 Accord. What is the point of listing resale values without comparisons to other brands and info about how the numbers were derived? How many years out do those numbers project?


cachet: prestige
cache: a place to hide things

A "weapons cache" doesn't mean a collectible AK47.

Thanks Grammarian fixed.


GM should be a world class car company. The US government and the UAW screwed this company with bad policy (CAFE standards, oil embargo mishandling, and unruly labor contracts, etc.). Foreign competitors entered the marketplace without any legacy costs and beat this company to a pulp. Union contracts are PRIMARILY responsible for the failure of GM. Now BO wants to finish them off. Me and my '07 Chevy Tahoe LTZ and '08 Saturn Aura say enough is enough. Bye-bye. And there is no-one else to blame but the big government liberal policies. Sad for the duped union members whose lively-hoods are at stake.


GM should tell Osama Obama to f*ck off!!!!!!!


GM should have told Obama to f**k off, and then they shouldn't have asked for any taxpayer money either.


Super Shet, the point of listing the resale values is pretty clear when you consider this website is supposed to help those in the process of buying a car, and not blind-eyed fans of a certain brand.

It also does say the numbers come from KBB and are after one year, where is the difficulty in understanding that?


HUMMER IS THE LAST of the great American freedom machines, what a great Suv its to bad its been poor marketed and GM Wagner through THEM UNDER THE BRIDGE A YEAR AGO. during hurricane in NEW ORLEANS it was one of the few vehicles to get around in great trucks.


Politics or Obama or "whatever.........."! I'm staying with my Saturn. I'm a lot more nervous about other choices that I could make. I've owned another Saturn , before my current one, and am truly sold on Saturn. I was truly satisfied with my 1995 SL1 Sedan, which I owned for 10 years. I experienced only minor repairs, during my ownership, and when ready to buy a new car, a Saturn, had to absolutely be, my only choice. While applying for a new Saturn,I was asked if I wanted to trade in my previous model. My answer was, no, and that I was giving the previous car, to my daughter, and that the car was much too reliable to use for a trade in. I wanted my daughter to have a car that she could rely on. This car was still worth many more miles and dollars, than any book value would have estimated it for. In the future, I sincerely hope that consumers will realise the gift they are receiving , while committing to their purchase, while deciding to own what I believe to be a truly wise choice, and to recognise an exceptional vehicle. I truly believe that even with all the negativity that is associated with Saturn,for now, that in the near future, Saturn will once again triump, with all the leadership qualities that brought the company up, from its' very first origin. A winner, is always a winner. Saturn is nothing but....A WINNER. A winner... NEVER fails.


I'm trying to respond to this type of commmunication, but not certain if I'm doing it correctly. I was just trying to relay the message, that I've been perfectly happy, being a Saturn owner, for about 15, so this includes 2 cars. The first one, I gave to my daughter, because the car was still so wonderful, that it would be very safe for her. I fully believe that Saturns are the most reliable car, in existance, at this time. I truly hope that it won't be long, before SATURN will show its' true strength in its' industry. I'm sure that Saturn knows exactly how to conduct its' business, and I know that we will all see , in the near future, the resources this company can be capable of.

Justin S

GM has been messed up for years. They seem to just pump out new models left and right but fail to update their existing products in a timely manner pretty much rolling out the red carpet for the competition to leave them in the dust. Unfortunately where they are now is the result of bad product planning and too many brands with the same bland products. I always thought that Saturn was GM's best brand. They should have stayed with the original theme and kept the line simple and unique instead of altering mainstream models from other brands and calling them Saturns. Hummer is the result of what seemed like a bottomless SUV craze that has just run out. The brand never had a chance of being a household name unless they expanded their product base. Now they can go back to producing military spec vehicles and leave the car making to everyone else.

Abonesh T

I have a 1973 SL1 model - is it true that this model was made during the competition with Japanese cars? I have been satisfied with it for a long time, excellent for single many miles will it still be able to go? Too bad I'm not a mechanic....Is the "pimp my car" reality show still on? I really will soon need an honest mechanic.


Sorry! meant to say 1993 SL1 model not 1973 - not even the name existed then. Need to get in touch with someone who knows this model. Miles is now around 107,000. Thank you in advance.


So, now that Saturns will be no more, how is one to judge how much to pay for a Saturn? I saw on a used car dealer's website a 2009 Saturn Aura for $15K with about 48K miles on it. Is this reasonable for an "orphaned" car? I'm thinking not, but I do not know for sure.


My 1995 Saturn SL2 has 222,000 miles on it and still going. It still gets 35 miles to the gallon.

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