More of the Next Chrysler 300 Interior Shown

At a Chrysler press event this morning to introduce the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, company president Jim Press revealed this image of the next-generation Chrysler 300 interior. He said it hinted at “great products coming from the new Chrysler.”

You can clearly see a radical departure from the current car’s interior; it looks to be much more upscale. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the 300 was a huge seller when it first went on the market. Unfortunately, most of Chrysler’s issues stem from weaker offerings in the entry-level and midsize classes.

Still, with this glimpse and the high-end look of the Jeep Grand Cherokee shown earlier today, it appears Chrysler is making progress on some of its interior issues. 


Original sheth

Chrysler can use any new product it can get regardless of the class of car. They need new product, period. They arent going to redesign the interiors of the midsize cars before debuting a new 300 considering the current model is 5 years old.


It's a shame that it took a gun pointed at Chrysler's head to get them to make better-quality products. Why didn't they make these improvements before? They could have been in a very different position today.


What you are seeing product-wise is not a result of trying to instantaneously change in hopes of persuading the gov't to guarantee them is product that has been in development for 2+ years. Only the DaimlerChrysler management team can tell us why they introduced such lackluster products the last few years.


I think we all know that new products don't develop overnight. But, Chrysler should have put "pen to pad" long ago and already had new products on dealer lots.


Which we can thank the DaimlerChrysler folks for not doing.

Original sheth


Chrysler has been introducing product over the last few years- it just hasnt been great. The Compass, Patriot, Caliber, Aspen, Sebring, Caravan/T&C and Challenger are all products that Chrysler has launched in the last 2-3 years. Obviously a 2011 product is going to be better than what they launched in 2007. Same applies to Toyota and Honda. Its the way the business works.


That is a beautiful interior I never thought Chrysler could make such a nice looking interior. I've always thought of Chrysler as making the worst looking and built interiors in the industry. Now we just have to see how it looks in production models.


Yeah, Chrysler did introduce a bunch of new models over the past years, but unlike honda and Toyota, they were not extremely competitive *unless there was a hefty rebate available* especially when it came to interior quality, mileage, and reliability... too bad it took Chrysler this long to come up with something remotely competitive, otherwise they would have been in a much better situation than they are right now.


Why does the exterior have to suffer now that it has a *possibly* appropriate interior? The exterior looks like a generic american auto. Lets hope this is just to throw the compition off the scent.

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