Mitsubishi Outlander Prototype GT at 2009 New York Auto Show


  • Looks like: Somebody slapped a Lancer grille on the Outlander
  • Defining characteristics: That huge Lancer-styled grille
  • Ridiculous features: Mitsubishi calling this a prototype when it’s just mild changes to the regular version
  • Chance of being mass-produced: It’s very likely this will be a refreshed Outlander next year

We’re a little peeved at Mitsubishi for making a big deal out of the Outlander GT Prototype. You see, this isn’t really a concept car. That’s why they used the word “prototype.” Yet they’re not saying it’ll go on sale for sure, either. They didn’t even add an interesting new power plant like we predicted they would.

Instead, the GT Prototype just gets a revised version of the V-6 featured in the current top trim level, boosting power by 10 hp, to 230 hp, while getting better fuel economy. We were hoping for the turbo four-cylinder featured in the company’s Lancer Ralliart instead.

The new grille looks surprisingly natural affixed to the Outlander SUV. When the company tried the same thing with the Eclipse sports car, it didn’t look quite so seamless. We’d expect to see this look on all the trims of the 2010 Outlander. More photos below.



I don't like this nose. It also creates a huge overhang. One area of Outlander where it needed good amount of work was enterior. Exterior and general setup was already one of the best.

Colin B.

Since when did it get so cheap to cut and sew leather to the instrument console that even Mitsubishi can do it?

That's why it's a Prototype. i'd doubt the next model year Outlander will have a leather sewn dash. but you never know.


I think the new snooze looks cool. It makes it look more unique thasn the conservative stuff you always get from Toyota and Honda. It looks like it has and edge now.

I agree. I think the old outlander was a nice design, just a bit plain. This will look crazy coming up behind you in the rearview!


I wonder if the real version will have the side mirror turn signals.

I'm guessing the new nose'll bump it out of the compact crossover segment.


Well, it doesn' look as horrendous as I thought it would look. It actually looks pretty good and I agree with Jay.

The Dash and Side Mirror Signals had better make the cut because Mitsubishi could score a few good points from consumers if they do decide to produce this vehicle.

In the second to last picture it kinda looks like an MPV minivan, but I'd say it in a good way.

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