Ford Offering $1,000 Conquest Cash to Chrysler Owners

Ford FlexConquest incentives aren’t new in the automotive industry. In fact, they’re often seen as very effective. Besides helping make a sale, they also help steal market share from a competitor. In the latest example of such an incentive, Ford dealers in the New York region are offering $1,000 in conquest cash to all Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge owners looking to buy a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury SUV, truck or crossover, but not car.

These incentives are usually added on top of other cash-back or financing offers.

Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes sees this as a low blow by Ford — kicking its competitors while they’re down, and perhaps even perpetuating bankruptcy fears among buyers.

We’re not sure how any car shopper today wouldn’t already be aware of the dire straits in which Chrysler and GM find themselves. We’ll just say smart shoppers shouldn’t pass up an extra incentive if they find a vehicle that fits them.

Update: Ford says this offer is available in the following regions: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Denver and Phoenix.

Ford banks on its rivals' misfortune (Detroit News)

By David Thomas | April 16, 2009 | Comments (17)


LOL !! Looks like Ford is running scared. Everyone knows that Chrysler builds the best trucks on earth. The Dodge Ram is much better than the Ford could ever dream of being. Nobody would pass up a Dodge or a Jeep to drive a Ford. Ford has only 1 car that is even worth mentioning the mustang.....! Every other Ford is boring, and dull. At least Chrysler has style and Chrysler offers a lifetime power-train warranty. Also Dodge is throwing in the Hemi engine at no extra cost to Ram buyers! The Hemi is one of the 10 best engines in the world according to wards automotive! If you want a real truck you go with the truck company.....Chrysler or Jeep!


Antonio: If Dodge built the best truck on earth, how come Ford won the 2009 Truck of the Year award over the Dodge? Also, the new Fusion and upcoming Taurus are simply amazing cars, way better than anything Chrysler Group has available (Avenger...cough cough)

But back on topic, this appears at first glance to be a great move by Ford, but when you think about it, if Chrysler does go under, won't the automotive suppliers go out of business, thereby coming back and hurting Ford and GM? While $1000 off SUVs or trucks is probably not enough to doom one company, why would they make the conquest cash for just one automaker's vehicles? That doesn't seem right...


Bravo to Ford for smelling the blood in the air, they should do the samething to GM.


STOP IT. what good is a lifetime warranty if the company might be going under.


"At least Chrysler has style and Chrysler offers a lifetime power-train warranty..."

LOL. With the lineup of bad avarage reliability they BETTER give some protection to their customers.

Will laugh if CryCo will call for $2000 for every Ford owner. These antics are just dumb.


Running scared? Oh yeah definitely. Because Chrysler is SUCH a threatening brand. Ford, like the article said, is kicking 'em while their down. Although I don't think they need Ford's help to kill them. They'll do it on their own.


Chrysler's warranty is still good even if they go under. The government is backing all warranties by GM and Chrysler. Besides the warranty is handled by a third party, duh people. And yes this is a cheap shot by Ford, should be trying to get market share from the imports.

As much as I'm rootin' for Ford to come out of this on top of the Big 3 (as it looks like they will), they still need to cut some stragglers out of their lineup, or at least update them (Explorer, Expedition, let's face it, the Focus could use another one. Plus dropping the Taurus X = good move. Just need the Fiesta...), before they can take PURE shots at Honda & Toyota.


Ford is scared! Chryslers market share has risen from 9.6% in 2008 to 12.1% in 2009. While Ford market share continues to decrease. Also Chrysler is the largest seller in Canada for the 1st time ever. Also Chryslers quality is above average according to JD power, even above BMW. The only reason Ford won motortrends truck of the year, was because Ford placed more adds. The Dodge Ram has gotten many more awards than the Ford truck. Also Ford is just plain stupid to offer something against 1 manufacturer. People will avoid Fords even more now, and with good reason....they stink!


Your picture says it all. What a beautiful wagon queen family truckster! Ford isn't winning any design competitions with that one. Have you seen any on the road?

Original sheth


I have seen some on the road and the Flex looks good.

Ford is making a mistake here. By targeting domestics Ford is encouraging people to believe they are only competing with domestic brands. Ford should stop worrying about their two weakened rivals and position themselves as the top domestic alternative to imports. There should be conquest cash aimed at Toyota, not Chrysler. Trying to convince people to buy your vehicles simply because you arent getting government loans is lame. Say your vehicles can stand up to the best from Toyota/Honda and put money on the table to back it up.


I agree with Original, take on Toyota and Honda with the incentive, forget Chrysler.

When I first read this I took it from another angle then everyone here. It looked to me like a bailout for Chrysler truck owners. I thought Chrysler was making improvements up to the merger with Daimler, after the merger they seemed to have lost all focus. At this point it seems like they have lost too much ground to recover.


Sometimes, something so targeted can backfire by creating buyer resentment.

Let's say you own a Chevy or Toyota. You might say: "How come the Dodge owner gets a thousand bucks but I don't? That's not fair."

Just about a year ago I bought a new Focus. I got a $1,000 "conquest" rebate, but it was based on the fact that we owned ANY competitive brand.


Ford can't take market share away from Honda or Toyota. They can only take it away from the rental car queens - GM and Chrysler. Any time I park near a GM SUV I make sure my key introduces itself to the paint. Over the past two years I have noticed that GM's paint has gotten thinner and thinner. Must be a cost cutting move.


Editors: How about tracking Zach's IP address to his physical location and reporting him to the police for admitting to vandalism.

Original sheth

Unfortunately, Zach is only slightly more ignorant and foolish than the other "I hate American cars" types that post here. It's sad that most people don't even have a problem with that he's saying.


I say key all SUV's especially General Motors as they started killing Mother Earth long before anyone else. It's so refreshing to see General Motors implode.

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