Chrysler's Electric Minivan Ready For Earth Day


Seeing as today is Earth Day, we expected some sort of stunt from automakers to get some green press. Chrysler’s attempt is this all-electric Town & Country minivan built to serve as a fleet vehicle for the U.S. Postal Service.

Chrysler says this is a pretty straightforward use for such technology, and theoretically we’d agree. Any vehicle used in stop-and-go traffic that’s often left idling should be the first kind replaced by an electric version. Especially because fleets don’t usually go long range, are stored overnight, etc.

However, Chrysler offers no range for the electric Town & Country, and the U.S. Postal Service hasn’t signed on to buy any. Maybe this will go down in history as a “what could have been” vehicle. Check out a picture of the parcel-ready interior below and let us know your thoughts.




It's a shame that it's gotten to the point that if the source is Chrysler or GM you know it's more about free pr than it is substance.

Aaron Allen

As express parcel deliverer or other special
purpose vehicle it's fine. For route delivery
wud need RHD and LED-bar on roof...Great light
'trade' van for service techs [add more shelves
and bins, roof ladder rack and PVC pipe-carrier
for long tools...Aaron Allen..


What's taking so long????? These auto execs drag their feet then wonder what hit them when the Japanese bring it to market first, like the Prius. "Gee, what happened?! Can we have a bailout?"

So since Chrysler and USPS haven't really signed an agreement, can they get sued by the gov't for illegal use of a gov't logo and all that? That'd be the icing on the cake.

Whoops. Oh well lol.

they were working together on the project to get the needs of the USPS but its still in the submission phase with the govt to go forward with producing the fleet.


Why complain about the "free PR" the auto companies get, when auto journalists willingly take free use of automakers' cars for their test drives. It's two sides of the same coin but there's no need to call a news release on earth day a stunt. One hand washes the other.


This is clearly a stunt as Chrysler wouldn't even release a range figure - where talking electric vehicle here. This reminds me of GM touting the Volt then in the Congressional Re-org plan they said it's on the back burner and put the expectation to bring it to market at 5% and that it's not a core part of their "transformation". It all comes down to what your standards are.

Lenny Chrycrazy

I think the electric van should be a no brainer the sooner they can start producing the better postal service should be just the beginning hopefully this is a start toward a better a long lasting future for an automaker that i beleive has the nicest looking vehicle lineup in the industry

Earth day is an interesting event with an empty road free from cars.

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