2010 GMC Terrain: Up Close


Tastes vary, but in the past few years I think GMC has been getting the better of Chevrolet in terms of exterior styling. That's a little perverse, because GMC is a parasite that feeds off Chevy, offering typically better-equipped and better-appointed versions of their vehicles at a higher price. (I say parasite in the most clinical sense, not really as an insult. If there were no Chevy, there would be no GMC — and some say there doesn't need to be.) The GMC Envoy, Canyon and Sierra have been better-looking than the Chevy TrailBlazer, Colorado and Silverado, respectively. Not this time.

The Terrain, based on the newly redesigned Chevy Equinox, looks better in person than it does in photos, but it's an odd bird nonetheless. The enormous nose is overdone, and the rectangular fender flares look like they're borrowed from the Hummer H3. Overall, I have to say I'm impressed that two car-based sister vehicles can look this different.

As for the interior, the color pallet is new but not substantially different from the 2010 Equinox. Though GM has proved recently that it can make a really nice interior, I'm concerned about the faux-aluminum trim in both of these. It's always possible that the auto-show lights make it look worse than it would in daylight, but it doesn't seem to come close to the best Saturn has done in the Vue. 

Anyone who's paid attention to GM's woes and its efforts to shrink or eliminate brands has to have contemplated GMC, which only sells versions of existing Chevys. (I sure have.) But GMC is a brand that currently turns a profit, and current profit isn't something you give up lightly. Also, on the retail level, GMCs are generally packaged with Buicks and Pontiacs, and it wouldn't be easy, or necessarily wise, to strip one complementary brand from the other two. No doubt, GMC looks weird. Now, with the Terrain, it has a model to match.



I agree that GMC does ironically make better looking vehicles than Chevy but who doesn't these days. Do you think last generation Honda Pilot owners will know their headlight design ended-up over at GM? I can see many design clues that this vehicle borrowed from Honda/Acura. I still don't get why GM sticks with cheap looking wheels and seats.


I think recent chevy designs are far better than others out there. Malibu looks better than accord, new equinoz looks better than cr-v, upcoming cruze looks pretty good compared to the civic, traverse looks better than pilot and avalanche is better looking than ridgeline. Beyond looks, chevy quality is actually approaching honda if not better than some of what honda has to offer.

Thomas M.

If the Chevy line is better looking and the quality is "actually approaching" Honda then why is Chevy not outselling Honda? Looks are subjective, quality is not. Honda runs circles around not just Chevy but all of GM. You can't even compare the two companies as it's akin to comparing a Hall of Fame athlete with a novice. Kiss GM bye-bye as they can't run with the big boys.


Comparing Chevrolet to Honda? Now that's funny.


Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you on looks, ms. GM has been churning out some odd little creatures lately, and the Terrain takes the new prize. I'm actually not impressed with the new Malibu, or the Traverse either. Honda might not be too much better in looks, but they are classier and cleaner-looking.


Arnold, its a mentality like yours as to why a quality comparison never enters the picture.



Chevy does outsell Honda. What made you think otherwise? Honda overall is the 4th best selling automaker in the US behind GM, Toyota and Ford. Honda as a brand does not outsell Chevy or Toyota.

"Honda might not be too much better in looks, but they are classier and cleaner-looking."

The Pilot and Ridgeline are "cleaner" looking that this? I doubt that. The Pilot looks worse than this inside and out. I haven't been inside the Terrain yet, but I have been in the Pilot and it's interior is on par with a compact car. Hard plastics everywhere and things like the glovebox door aren't even damped. YOu release it and it bangs into your knew. Unfortunately, media outlets like C&D have decided to give it a free pass and pretend it's a stellar product. JUst like posters here some reviewers only care about the badge, not the actual competence of the product.

Styling is subjective and I agree the Chevy looks beter. However, styling is the only weakness of the Terrain. I notice no one is talking about the fuel economy or class leading features. It's certainly more distinctive looking than the Escape or CR-V.

David in Houston


GM may outsell Honda Motors, but does Chevy (as a brand) outsell Honda (w/o Acura)? I haven't done the research, but it struck me as a logical thing to ask.


Honda has cream of the crop cars in the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, and now the new Insight. Chevy has the Aveo, Impala, HHR, Malibu, and Cobalt.

Armond is right. A comparison is funny, very funny.


Super Shet, you tell me I need to post links (which I always do when I make a point, you know it) and you make a bold statement like Chevy outselling Honda and don't post any links? Come on, where's your source info? Got any?

And to say Chevrolet outsells Honda on a global scale in probably correct, but to say that Chevy outsells Honda in the US, I would like to see some numbers backing that up.

Other than that I like ms's statement above, I think Chevy has some of the best looking vehicles coming out lately. I think the malibu looks better than the four door accord, the Equinox looks better than the CR-V, the cruze is comparable to a civic, but this vehicle, the terrain is just ugly. Out of proportion, and lacking any original styling elements, it is just sad.

And the interior better than anything else? Please honda has made better interiors than this since 2003.


The front end looks like it was copied from the last gen Honda Pilot, especially the headlights. Overall this vehicle is very unattractive and poorly executed. From the two-tone interior to the chrome wheels to the bulging fender flares. If I've ever seen a parts-bin car this is it.


"GM may outsell Honda Motors, but does Chevy (as a brand) outsell Honda (w/o Acura)? I haven't done the research, but it struck me as a logical thing to ask."

Toyota and Chevy are the top two brands. I believe Toyota was #1 in 2008. Honda is definitely not #1, in fact it may not even be #3. Just because some folks don't consider domestic brands or don't see any in their subdivision doesn't mean domestics don't sell. Honda is nowhere near the size of GM or Toyota.

"And the interior better than anything else? Please honda has made better interiors than this since 2003."

Sit in the Pilot and then get back to me.



Honda sold 1.28M vehicles in the US.


Chevy sold 1.8M last year and since I'm stupid I'll let you figure out which brand sold more. No one with a shred of knowledge about the US market would ever say that Honda is #1. Belly, you don't provide links for ANYTHING as all your posts are based in ignorance and blatant pro import bias. Don't bother challenging what I say any further.



The think the Terrain looks good. It's looks better than that Odd looking Acura ZDX. (I know we are talking two differnt catagories ZDX is a luxury vehicle.) My point being it looks better than some of the Japanese offerings as of late. The Terrain I (can't remember the figures) promises to offer class leading MPG as well. I think GM needs vehicles of this sort if they are to stay afloat in these economic times.


Aw come on Super Shet, a little information goes a long way right? Chevrolet did do better than Honda in 2008, good for them, there's nothing wrong actually backing up what you say once in a while right? How long do you think it will last? Also I know you'll try and tell me this is off subject, but who was more profitable in 2008? However, you got one thing right...

As for posting links, one I remember right off the top of my head was the story involving consumer reports and JD powers, I posted plenty of links in that one. And what about the story about EPA mileage compared to real world estimates, you tried to say imports deviate more from their EPA estimates than domestics... I posted a link from a story on this website refuting that. Where were you? This is only the second time I have actually seen you post a link supporting what you say.

And how many times do I have to tell you, I am not against domestic makes. I just made a post stating my views on how Chevrolet vehicles look good, what, do you have something against that statement?



So instead of sales you are shifting the discussion to profitability? since you are the resident know it all I am sure you already know we can't compare the profitability of Chevy and Honda since Chevy is part of GM and they don't break down how much money each division makes or loses. I'm sure you considered that though. The bottom line is that no one who knows anything about the car industry would think Honda is bigger than Chevy in the US. In recent years the media was making a big deal out of the race between TOYOTA and Chevy to be the #1 brand. Honda was never part of the discussion because they aren't close to the top spot. Just for clarity, Honda is also smaller than GM in US and global sales. Honda hasn't even passed Ford in US sales yet.

"And how many times do I have to tell you, I am not against domestic makes. "

That has to be the funniest thing you've posted so far. EVERYTHING you post has something to do with the superiority of Japanese brands and your disdain for American brands. Fortunately, you don't deal in facts so it's easy for you to come up with new material. Nothing you have posted suggests to me that you know anything about cars or the auto industry. In fact, I'd be shocked if you actually read anything besides cars.com about the industry.

George S

When you subtract the fleet "sales" from both Chevy and Honda, Chevy outsells Honda by less than 150,000 vehicles. Considering the advantage that Chevy has in total number of dealers and that the only way they can sell their vehicles is with heavy incentives, that's really, really pathetic. Honda is a pro, at best Chevy is a novice.


George - I agree 110%! I've owned both brands and you cannot even begin to compare the two. My last experience with GM was with the Chevy Venture minivan. Besides it being one of the most unreliable and poorly built vehicles I've ever experienced, after just 1 year it lost 54% of it's value! My Honda minivan on the other hand only lost 9% of it's value after 1 year. I'm an insurance underwriter so I have access to wholesale/bank/retail depreciation rates on every vehicle sold. Only a fool would purchase a GM vehicle as they are a disgrace.

Original sheth

George S:

Most automakers do not clearly break out fleet sales. Where did you get your 150k figure from? I am aware of no foreign automakers that release any information about fleet sales. They don't even acknowledge they have fleet sales for the most part. Every automaker is using incentives these days. You are naive if you think Honda is different. Honda doesn't do rebates, they do cheap leases instead. Every Honda commercial I see on TV is promoting a cheap lease- not product. The numbers tell the story, you can accept it or make excuses.

Original sheth


Your level of knowledge about current products is a disgrace. First of all, I have never heard of ANY vehicle that loses more than half of its value in ONE year. Secondly, the Venture was never hailed as a great product. It was average at best and any research would have shown that. If you havent noticed, current GM vehicles actually get good reviews and resale values have been increasing over the years. The CTS was awarded for best residual value in its class. The Venture was never a great product. If you chose to ignore any relevent current product because of your experience with that minivan its your loss. I recently read that Europeans are much more concerned with the perceived quality and performance of product than minor issues while Americans will accept mediocre products as long as they feel they wont have to go to the dealer once a year for minor repairs. Most vehicles (all?) are reliable in 2009. The difference between a reliable and "unreliable" vehicle these days might come down to one extra dealer visit in a year. My experience has been that anti domestic people will tolerate or excuse any problem with an import and coversely magnify minor issues with a domestic vehicle.


WOW you are bitter and uneducated! It's no one's fault but your own.


On the Cars.com website is a section called, "Best and Worst in Cars". In the Best and Worst Resale value section Honda has the most cars in BOTH the Best Resale Value by Class and Best Resale Value Overall. GM has ZERO. In the WORST resale value section GM dominates with SEVEN of the top ten!

Enjoy the dope-slap.

Original sheth


Use common sense (if possible) and heed what I actually wrote. I didnt say GM had better resale than Honda. I said I have NEVER heard of ANY vehicle losing 54% of value in one year. I also said GM's residual values are increasing and have been for several years. I also said the CTS was awarded for best in class residual values. I did not claim GM was superior to Honda in resale. Resale value is dubious to some extent because it's based on MSRP's. If you could measure the number with respect to transaction prices the gap between domestic brands and import brands would be smaller. Nice attempt at a "dope slap"- whatever that means.

Original sheth

"WOW you are bitter and uneducated! It's no one's fault but your own."

Was that addressed to me? If so you really didnt explain how you came to that conclusion.


sheth - read your previous posts and you'll probably be able to figure out where the poster is coming from. You do sound uneducated and bitter.

Max C

HA with All Wheel Drive I really hope no one trys to off rode this poor excuse for a automobile. I mean the plastic would be everywhere, it might even fall off on the road ( with the way gm is makeing cars these days) makeing the roads in the USA vary dirty. Hell you could even call GM geological terrorist trying to litter this great country with there flimsy plastics.


i dont see why americans support honda and toyota they are much cheaper cars than gmc dodge and ford. another thing i dont get is why you dont support your nieghors family and friends that work for gmc dodge ford and america.im just a kid but i see what is happening to everybody (including my family).when i say my family they all work in the auto dep. my dad works for gmc and as of now he is lossing his job 1/1/10 my uncle works for dodge and has lost 20 weeks of work this year and returned has had not any money thus 20 weeks. my grandpa is retierd from ford. my uncle has an american car parts store and recorded a 50,000 loss of pay.My grandpa who has been gone (in heaven) sence 2003 retierd from G.M. and his wife (my grandma) has his benifits but she lost them this summer, my step mom works for continetal auto group (former siemens) she has took a 20% pay cut this year.

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