Saturn: We're Still Here

As General Motors fights for its own survival, its subsidiaries — Saturn and Saab — were the first to feel the effects of the automaker’s empty coffers. Saab has already declared bankruptcy, cut 750 jobs and reduced production. There are reportedly a number of “interested parties” who might save the brand from absolute closure.

As for Saturn, GM fully intends to jettison the brand by 2012, with or without a buyer. With Saturn’s possible death out in the open, sales have fallen precipitously, down more than 50% since the beginning of 2009 compared to the same time frame in 2008.

According to The New York Times, in order to keep its few remaining customers, Saturn will roll out a new ad campaign this spring. One of them is featured above and one below. The campaign reminds viewers that despite all the depressing news surrounding Saturn, the brand is still here with all its cars and most of its dealerships intact.

The Saturn message focuses on its highly regarded dealership experience and its new lineup. Both TV spots feature real Saturn dealership owners basically confronting the problems facing Saturn and addressing them head-on.

“Saturn builds cars that Americans want to buy,” says Saturn dealer Jim Smith, addressing the idea that domestic carmakers only build garbage.

In addition to the ads, Saturn’s website has been completely revamped, now featuring flashy graphics and music that make the site look friendlier and more engaging.

Will this help sales? According to the New York Times article, it could actually hurt sales, as Americans who aren’t following the automotive sector will learn more about the brand’s troubles.

Also, fewer than 50% of Americans know Saturn is tethered to GM. These ads will enlighten more people that the companies are two-and-the-same.

As of now, the ads aren’t tied to any new incentives, and the only existing national deal on 2009 Saturn models is 0% financing for 60 months for qualified buyers. With Chrysler putting thousands of dollars in incentives on all three of its brands, Saturn — known for its no-haggle prices — might need to up the cash back offers to move units out the door.

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Message From a Condemned Car Brand: ‘We’re Still Here’ (NYT)
Saturn’s New TV Ads: Retailers Tell Saturn’s Story (imsaturn)








When they say they are still here, but knowing that they will be chopped soon.
Does that mean they are still here and not gone YET?
And when they say 5 new models, I counted Astra, Vue, and Outlook only.
Did I miss something?
(The Aura is a rebadged G6 and the Sky is also a rebadged Pontiac except looking better and less silly)


sorry but "i'm still here" is still not convincing enough to buy a saturn. i even feel sorry for people who still buy saturn knowing it's probably the first or second gm is getting rid of. sad,...


saturn is the posterchild for gm's problems. i have the nov 2005 edition of time magazine in my hand. It states that saturn is a vital brand to the revivial of gm and that they are going to pump billions into it. now they kill it just as soon as they build the lineup up. this is why gm is on life support. dont have a plan. also said in the same article that the hummer 3 was going to a "winner". boy how times have changed



Remember that the Saturn Sky & Pontiac Solstas are rebadges of a Vauxhall. I had to laugh when they said "Saturn builds cars that Americans want to buy"

If there is ANY truth in advertising it should say "GM rebadges the cars that Americans want to buy."

Idaho Guy

Sad commentary, Saturn is the only GM brand that I would even consider purchasing. However, I have no faith in GM the company...they have proven time and time again that they are unable to compete, in terms of quality and consistency. If they do come back, I hope it is as a leaner and smarter company.

Go Ford.


I've never owned a Saturn and never will. I have owned numerous other GM vehicles and I'll never own another one of those either. The only brand I've never tried is Saab (which they don't even build anymore) and their pickups. The only GM vehicle I would consider owning would be a Corvette.


I don't think many that are unaware of Saturn & GM being the same company will put two and two together. They don't mention GM's problems... they mention the economy & business as a whole.

Those that say the Sky and Solstice are rebages of the Vauxhall or of each other have not looked into it well. The Vauxhaull Lightning and the the Sky share a lot of design cues, but don't share the same platform. The Solstice and Sky don't share any design cues... but share a platform.

The Aura & Malibu... while they also share platforms, are different for the most part. Just as the Audi TT sit on the same chassis as the Volkswagen Jetta. Would you say they are the same vehicle??? I doubt it. Then why the Solstice & Sky??? Sure, the Sol and Sky also share engines... which I wish they didn't but the suspension, interiors and exteriors are not shared. Just as the Audi TT & Jetta are different in those aspects.

Badge engineering with the likes of the Blazer & Jimmy... yeah... those are not good. But when the sheet metal, the interior and ride quality are different. Those are not the same cars.

Also, GM/Ford/Chrysler are not the only ones putting on a different badge on the same vehicle between brands. The Lexus ES is really a Toyota Camry at a higher price. Sure, interior pieces are better material... and the ride is better... and you get better electronics. Just like between a Malibu, a G6 and an Aura... but the exteriors and interiors of the GM 3 are much more different between the 3 than the two Toyotas.

Saturn... and GM... truly buld cars people want... quality cars at that, that get fuel mileage equal to or higher than the Japanese competitors. People are just blindly going to Toyota with memories of the 80's.

Margaret Meza

A note regarding the recent TV commercials for Saturn: How come Jim Smith and others do not look at the camera when talking? I actually looked up this site to see if Mr. Smith was blind. I love what he ways and the way he says it but because he does not speak to his audience but looks off to the left, it is harder to believe what he is saying. It's a case where the words say one thing and the actions (expressions) say somthing different.

Dennis Mears

Tell the truth Jim Smith.
The commercial is a lie. I bought a 2007 Saturn and drive for 6 thousand miles. I trade in for Audi A4. It is a junk. Handling is horrible. Can't get the car to stabilized when changing lane on the Freeway. Car is cheaply made. I have been driving imports for quite a while so let give domestic a try. Big mistake. The worst part is that I use to work as an Engineer for a OEM supplier to the GM. Poorly made with union worker.


Dude, this commercial is totally hilarious now that the news came out that Saturn is BEING PHASED OUT! Nobody wanted to buy their cars, and now they are going out of business!!! WOO HOO JIM SMITH!!!


“Saturn builds cars that Americans want to buy,” says Saturn dealer Jim Smith.

Who are these DUMMYs who want to drive Saturns?
It was a dead car brand for months now...


I've been driving a 2006 Saturn Ion Redline, supercharged with the M62 Eaton...I've owned it for almost 4 years now..not much of any trouble, fun as heck to drive, underestimated, fast, reliable, sharp looking, comfortable, etc. My first Saturn and I suppose it's my last. Job well done with my car, regardless of what you all say.

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