Lexus Ranks First in Customer Service in J.D. Power Index

09lexusis J.D. Power and Associates has released rankings for its Customer Service Index, and Lexus received top honors. The CSI measures the satisfaction of customers “who visit a service department for maintenance or repair work" within the first three years of owning a vehicle.

Jaguar placed second, BMW third, Cadillac fourth and Acura fifth. Lexus was first once before in 2006, and this year supplanted last year’s winner, Jaguar, by only a few votes. Keep in mind this is not a measure of vehicle reliability, but a measure of satisfaction for vehicle repairs.

The bottom five of the CSI were, in descending order, Kia, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki and Isuzu. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that while Lexus ranked first, its parent company, Toyota, fell to 28th place with a score well below the industry average.

J.D. Power Ranks Customer Service: Lexus on Top (Gearlog)

By Stephen Markley | March 2, 2009 | Comments (18)
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Let's see how the Toyota-lovers can spin this news into a domestic bash session.


My wife and I own a '08 Lexus RX350 and the dealerships treat you like royalty. They loaned us a car for a routine 10K mile maintenance check up, no questions asked.

It's funny that Lexus is tops and Yota (which is Lexus' parent company) is near the lower end of the middle.

This is just my experience and I won't do any domestic bashing b/c I have no experience with any domestic vehicle dealerships.


I've never heard anything positive about Toyota dealers so I'm not surprised at all. Toyota and Honda dealers supposedly act like they are doing you a favor by doing business with you. A coworker of mine went to look a civic last year with his relative and he said the dealer was trying to pressure them by saying the car would likely be gone the next day and they better make a deal that night. When he mentioned other cars they wanted to check out the salesperson was like "why?".


I love my Lexus dealer service as they set the standard for red carpet service (car wash, free tank of gas, home pick-up/delivery, etc. Second to them is the service we get from the Cadillac dealer for my wife's CTS. Not as good as Lexus but way better than BMW, Infiniti, and the all time worst Mercedes.


14 out of 15 are high end brands (if you include Buick). They better kiss your ass if visit them. Dealership customer service is only as good as the people that work there. Since I own a Toyota I wouldn't know how they are at my dealership. I haven't been there since I bought the car, 150,000 miles ago! H - hows that for a toyota spin?


I am not surprised to find the lux brands at the top end. I am currently driving a volkswagen and was not at all to seem them near the bottom. Their service is terrible and quality leaves a lot to be desired as well. I previously had a ford and found their service to be gerat. I would regularly get coupons for $30 oil change and tire rotations. Great places to wait and work with High Speed Internet connections and really fast services. I went from that to $130 oil changes and poor service hours.


i can speak of the difference. i take my sister's lexus's gs and mother's toyota Rav-4 to service for them often and it's like night and day. at lexus, it's sunny and bright and the whole atmosphere is calm and smooth. at toyota, i've run into many problems, headaches, the list goes on. "toyota's technicians" needs to stop being so aggressive and "as(s)es. other than that, i have no experience regarding the domestic automaker's maintenance dept so i have no comment. i'll leave it at that.


why is it so surprising that Toyota is near the bottom on the list, its not a luxury car brand that uses a premium dealership experience to sell its cars. I own a Toyota RAV4 and a Honda Pilot and every time I take them to the dealers to have them serviced, I just expect prompt and courteous service... But if were to own a premium car, I would expect so much more... but good for Toyota Corp. that Lexus made it to the top of the list!



Apparently your "relative" didn't do their homework.

My friend went in there, got his car at least 2 weeks later, the same car was there at the price he negotiated.


Toyota dealers suck big time. They have inflated prices, even with the actual crisis. Never had a problem with other dealers.


"Lexus Ranks First in Customer Service in J.D. Power Index" Thats the biggest joke I've heard this year. These cars manufacturers ju$$$t have their ways with the index'. I paid USD 68,000 for a Lexus RX350 in our region Taipei, Taiwan and I was given a display unit which looked dirty and old. And when I complained about being sold a display unit, my friend said it is their usual practice to sell display units from other regions to Asia including Taiwan. What a scam ! Going back to Benz.


I was hesitant to buy a Lexus earlier in the 90's, proves that I was right even after all these years. This company is totally immature and far from being on the list compared to the others like Mercedes; BMW; Jaguar etc..


All in all, I’m extremely unsatisfied with how I have been treated and the poor service I have experienced this last time around of owning a Lexus. My parents have bought several cars from this dealership in Kansas City, MO and they were looking to buy another car from this dealership. After I had told them my experience and that the customer service wasn’t like it used to be, they turned to another type of car and obviously dealership.

Lexus Reference Number: 120128-000144

This letter is to recount the events as they happened at the Fresno Lexus Dealership on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 10.30 am located at 777 West Palmdon Drive , Fresno, CA, 93722
Fresno Lexus has awful customer service and here is why ~
On Sunday January 22, 2012 the car wouldn’t start after stopping for a few minutes at a store. It was determined that the car’s battery was defective and would no longer hold a charge. The Fresno Dealership is closed on Sundays so I made the decision to replace the battery so that my wife and I would no longer be stranded. The car has been running for a week now with a new aftermarket battery without any problems. The 84 month battery (part number 00544MF240575) was replaced on June 13th 2009.
I went to the Fresno Lexus Dealership for the battery under warranty to be pro-rated and have that difference credited back to me to offset the cost of the new battery. I was met by Jacqueline and explained to her the situation. She said that she did not know what to do and that she had never faced this before and went to get help from a co-worker named Dave.
I again explained the situation again to Dave and he came back with a story to liken my situation to a thief who stole new Ford car parts and tried to take them back to a Dealership for money. I said “I’m standing in a Lexus Dealership with a failed Lexus part that is still covered under warranty, what solution do you have available to me?” he ordered me to go to the Service Department because he could “not” help me. Because without an invoice I cannot prove that I “paid for the part”. I told him I was not going to go to the Service Department and that he should go and resolve
this issue on my behalf between the Parts and the Service Department while I waited at the Parts counter. A Service Consultant just happened to visit the cashier we were standing next to and for the third time I explained the issue all over again and I requested that he use the Vehicle ID (VIN) number to pull the service history on the vehicle in question.
The Service Consultant came back with the printed information validating my story as I had already explained three times. Now we had the “paper trail” that Dave was so insistent on having and at this point I believed that the problem was going to be quickly resolved but, Dave disappeared. Jacqueline then came out and told me that there was “another” problem. She lacked the authority and that “nobody” at the Dealership on the weekend has the authority to issue any credit for defective parts. I asked her “Why is it that as a Lexus customer that I have to resolve things
that Lexus ought to be resolving?” she said that this was a new kind of problem that she had not faced before. I then asked her “Why did Dave liken my situation to a thief stealing parts and taking them to a Ford Dealership asking for money?” I told Jacqueline that I don’t need the money, and that I’m looking for a solution with a failed Lexus part under warranty that I had no option but to replace right away.
She said that she would have David (parts manager) contact me on Monday. I told her that Lexus is known for being number one in Customer satisfaction, so why does Dave want to compare me to a thief standing in a Ford Dealership with stolen parts? She said that he was a “really nice guy” and that I was being “intimidating”. To put an end to this e-mail, I was likened to an “intimidating thief” at Fresno Lexus because of a failed Lexus part still covered under warranty for a customer pay item. My dignity and my integrity were called into question and I was thoroughly insulted, in front of my wife no less, by the behavior of the “parts staff” at Fresno Lexus. I want you to understand that I’m going to widely share my experience
with every website and every person that I come across. This behavior is unbecoming of a corporation such as Lexus and I believe the Fresno Lexus employees failed to represent the great reputation that Lexus once had with me. We are planning to replace a vehicle at the end of this year and I can tell you that purchasing a Lexus will not be an option on the list. If Lexus wants to continue to staff its
dealerships with such incompetence, I would be surprised if Lexus even remains in the top five in the forthcoming years. I also contacted the Lexus Corporate Customer Service 800.255.3987 this afternoon and documented my experience with a Lexus Representative. They were disgusted at the level of my treatment and apologized repeatedly on behalf of the Fresno Lexus staff. I left the defective battery on the front parts counter with Jacqueline and I am still waiting for a resolution. In the twenty five years that I have been dealing with new car dealers, this fiasco goes down
as the worst experience that I have ever had. If a Lexus dealer cannot even resolve an issue with something as small as a battery, I dread to think what would kind of hassle I would get over something more complex such as a defective timing belt or a water pump.


I think BMW is very good. It also helps that they give an awesome warranty so basically anything that breaks gets fixed. Bought a CPO 3-Series and haven't spent a cent on repairs in 2 years! At BMW, you are in and out with a loaner in less than 10 minutes and they don't hassle you over ANYTHING.


lEXUS Customer service is fine until your warranty runs out. they dont want to know three catylytic convertors in four years (70.000 mls)... absolute rubbish


My friend has a VW Passet (2011 3.6V6 fully loaded 47000 CDN) that was having bad electrical problems (fan would run all night & would not start in the moring, check engine light would come on etc..) after 30000km with about 12000 dollars invested by the dealer to try and fix it, VW is buying him a brand new one free of charge. None of the service or repairs cost him anything he is getting everything for free. How is that for service.


I would never own anything but a Lexus. I was on a budget as a College student, so I bought a 2011 Lexus IS250 with 11k miles, but had a rebuilt title. Obviously, because of the title my warranty is voided. I have had excellent customer service for a vehicle that I didn't even buy there, and has a branded title. They pick my car up almost 100 miles away from the dealer, deliver it back to me, wash it, fill it up, etc. Now that I am graduated and have a good paying job I will be visiting them, when my current car gets over 100k to buy a brand new one. Nothing better. I had a BMW z4 without a rebuilt title everything under the sun broke down on it, and all before 54K miles. Absolute rude people, and put you in a bus while your car got worked on. Lexus, gives you a brand new car while your car gets worked on. I will never have another one. My Lexus prior to the one I own now had 180k when I sold it and drove like a brand new car. Lexus is the best!!

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